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Celebrate the national holidays with the Taste of Mexico in the best all-inclusive resort! In September, enjoy countless special activities as part of this cultural and culinary experience at The Villa Group Resorts. Book the Taste of Mexico program and enjoy lots of hotel activities, such as Mexican cuisine buffets, cooking classes, parties, theme nights, and many family activities. If you book only a room, you can still add the Taste of Mexico plan to your reservation at a special price. Come and experience this incredible experience!
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Taco Festival
An authentic Mexican culinary experience should have tacos and lots of tacos. Savor our exquisite buffets with many types of tacos and Mexican stews with the unique taste of Mexico. Enjoy it while listening to live music and a guitarist while having refreshing typical Mexican non-alcoholic drinks.
Try a wide variety of typical Mexican delicacies and feel refreshed by drinking frozen margaritas. Enjoy this tasty buffet with live mariachi and Mexican folklore dances full of color and Mexican traditions on these theme nights. Experience the best Mexican party in our all-inclusive resort!
Moles are among the most typical dishes in Mexican cuisine. Experience a culinary experience tasting several of them in a buffet with an exquisite variety of these thick sauces plus traditional and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. This fun continues with live music by saxophone and cello players.
There are different types of ceviche from different regions of Mexico and the world. Enjoy a rich buffet where you will taste a variety of ceviches, accompanied by refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and live saxophone music. Enjoy this culinary experience as part of your all-inclusive vacation!
If you have not tried this emblematic dish of Mexican cuisine, you have to do it with us. It is characterized by being made with green, white, and red ingredients, which symbolize the colors of the Mexican flag. Enjoy it with refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and live marimba music.
Seafood shouldn't be left out during your beach vacation. Therefore, we include this culinary experience in which you will enjoy a delicious buffet with fish and seafood. in addition, there will be delicious side dishes, refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, and live music from a tropical group.
Enjoy a buffet with the most representative broths and stews of Mexican cuisine, such as pozole, barbecue, and birria. These typical dishes are accompanied by traditional refreshing drinks and live music from a Jarocho trio. Another event to enjoy at your all inclusive resort with a taste of Mexico!
Mixology Class
Our talented bartenders will teach you how to prepare drinks with tequila or mezcal. Learn about cocktails from the most traditional to innovative cocktails and impress everyone at your next party. This mixology class is also part of the special activities included in the Taste of Mexico program.

The secret to great authentic salsa is not just knowing the recipe but having the right tools and knowing the best techniques. What’s Mexican cuisine without salsa? And this class uses a molcajete, an artifact commonly used in Mexican culture to make different salsas and other things like guacamole.

Guacamole is the perfect topping and a big part of Mexican culture! It adds a wonderful flavor to any meal and even as a snack with some chips. If you have yearned for authentic guacamole back home, now is the moment to take this class and get a taste of Mexico through exclusive resort activities.

Whether cooking is your talent or it’s not your forte, this culinary experience is for all levels. Get a true taste of Mexico by learning techniques and recipes in Mexican cuisine. This is the best souvenir to take back home that you can prepare and eat or share with friends over and over again.

Kayak Tour

Go kayaking to reduce stress and relax. Join a kayak tour to venture out at sea and get a glimpse of beautiful places nearby. It’s one of those special activities that each time you do it, the experience is never the same. Whether you’re a pro or not,join us and do something exhilarating today!

Vacations should be wholesome so don’t forget to stretch and relax before getting active all day. No matter what level of flexibility you’re at, you’ll be welcomed to this session of healing, stretching, and reconnecting with your muscles, joints, and body. Let our expert trainers show you how.
Find some fun hotel activities like paddleboarding to spend your afternoons doing. If it will be your first time, our animation team would happily show you how. Go out on your own or with someone you trust and explore the great outdoors and the bay. Will you stand or kneel while you paddle?
Jump into the pool and join the fun! Water volleyball is one of the family activities that bring out people's competitive side. The excitement of the ball going back and forth over the net as people dive in all directions to hit the ball, splash after splash. But there can only be one winning team.

Have fun combining elements of tennis, ping pong, and badminton into one exciting game known as Pickleball. It's quite fun to play and easy to learn if you've never played it before. Enjoy these special activities as part of the taste of Mexico program. Let’s get ready to play like never before!

One of the family activities that never goes out of fashion is mini golf. See who gets the most holes in one when you play with your family or friends and guests from our all inclusive resort. Get more information about mini golf and other special activities from the concierge or front desk.

This game is one of the classic games at our all-inclusive resort. Choose a donkey and cheer it as it heads to the finish line. Throw some dice and get the best numbers to make your donkey advance the fastest. The winner gets a large portion of the entries. Let's see how many throws until you win.
Piñata Workshop
When in Rome, as people say so there’s no better place to learn about piñatas! Imagine all the creative designs you and your kids can make together as a family. It’s quite common to have piñatas at a party, event, or special occasion in Mexican culture. What kind of candies will your piñatas have?
There are plenty of souvenir options when traveling but it would be even more meaningful to make personalized bracelets. Have some fun learning to design and create beautiful bracelets for your loved ones using materials and techniques common in Mexican culture. Imagine the appreciation for them.
Dance to flamenco, merengue, salsa, or Latin music while you get your cardio workout in. Zumba is not only popular because it’s fun but an exciting way to sweat and burn calories while learning some Latin dance moves. They say music makes you feel no pain so let's move our bodies to the rhythm.
Come and join a fun game of Bingo! Even though it’s mostly a game of luck, it can become quite competitive, intense, and exhilarating. This fast-paced game is a great way to spend time doing family activities. Can you scream bingo before the numbers run out or someone else wins?
This fun game is similar to Bingo and one of the most famous Mexican card games played by all age groups and families. Instead of numbers like in Bingo, Spanish words are used. Mark the 16 words on your card that are called in any order first to win. Don’t forget to say Loteria once you have all 16.
Vacations are so much better with exciting and exclusive resort activities like a game of Blackjack. The rules are simple but some expert players win using strategy and others sometimes have the odds in their favor and win by mere luck!
This fun game will test your aim and precision skills. Bean bag, also known as Corn Hole, is one of our most popular hotel activities. People try to throw tiny sacks of beans through a hole. Get more points the closer to the hole your sack lands. Win the game by throwing bags in the hole rimless.
Calling all trivia buffs! Win tokens and prizes when you answer the question of the day accurately. Questions could be about Mexican culture, our destination, all inclusive resort, and services. This is your chance to win a gift certificate or bottle of tequila. Are you ready for the challenge?
Win a prize at yet another one of our special activities! The goal is for you to guess information related to people or different objects, such as age, weight, amount, or measurement of something the animation staff has selected. The guest with the closest answer wins. Take a lucky guess to win!
Casino Night
It’s that time for some adult fun. Enjoy a fun night of board or card games as if you were in a casino. Win a game of Poker, Blackjack, Loteria, or other hotel activities and games, and the best news, each winner gets a prize. Whether you're a pro or not, you might win big if you try your luck!
Dance the night away at the beach where you’ll be entertained by acrobatics, fire juggling, dance shows, and other performances from the east and oriental culture. Experience an authentic oriental beach party at Villa la Estancia Riviera Nayarit. Ready to get this party started?
Rock the mic at the next Karaoke night! Sing English or Spanish songs and remember to have fun even if you can’t hit the right note. These hotel activities bring loved ones and strangers together because, at Karaoke night, we’re all superstars! What’s your favorite Karaoke song?
Some hotel activities like the Broadway Show are a guest favorite due to the amazing performances by our entertainment team. Enjoy two live shows for the little ones and another for the entire family. The actors, stage, and performances all deserve standing ovations.
Enjoy a fun movie night where you can spend quality time with your family while watching selected movies on our big screen. Check our weekly schedules or speak to a concierge to find out the movies showing each week. Just show up and have a lovely cinematic experience.
Pirate’s Patch
This is another one of our special activities that inspires creativity and imagination. Children will create their own pirate patch with foam, scissors, markers, and elastic materials while being guided by our Kids' Club team. How exciting it will be for them to wear and show off their creation.
If you know Mexican culture then you’ve heard of Huicholes. The eye of God is their handicraft that is used as an amulet of protection. It’s a wooden cross covered by colorful fabrics of thread. Labor in love and make it a meaningful gift for your friends or use it as decoration at home.
Arts and crafts, painting with watercolors, and other hotel activities spark children’s creativity. Art is life and a fun way for the little ones to express themselves, emotions, and creative ideas. Watch them transform blank sheets of paper into a masterpiece because art is subjective anyway!
The simple pleasures of being on the beach and building sand castles with other children will be a highlighted memory of your kids while vacationing at Villa la Estancia Riviera Nayarit. They’ll love spending time with other kids and using their imagination to create their own magical kingdoms.

Some of the best family activities and gatherings include playing board games. And Villa la Estancia has countless board games for you to have the best games night while at an all inclusive resort. Will you be the champion of UNO, Monopoly, Scrabble, or the many other board games?

This fun activity of arts and crafts gives your little ones yet another way to be creative while also having a forever souvenir. They have the chance to design a personalized, handmade picture frame, and how cute it would be to add a picture from the same vacation to this frame made by your kids.
These special activities are children focused because we love to inspire creativity in children and at Kids Club. All materials for this art and craft session are provided. After the chef hats are done, they have a showcase of all the chef hats created by the little ones and a pizza party.
This competition caters to children as they use their imagination and creativity to make the craziest hat. Materials are provided by the Kids Club team but the little ones will have creative freedom. Through public voting, a winner is chosen. How exciting are these hotel activities!
This Eco-crafts class encourages creativity while promoting environmental conservation awareness to the little ones. They will learn the importance of taking care of the environment while making portrait and pencil holders, or other beautiful crafts using recyclable materials.
Who doesn’t like a good treasure hunt? Your children will love it! They get to use hints and logic to solve clues and be active as they search for more clues and the best reward is finding the treasure. The Kids Club team is excited to carry out this educational but fun activity.
This fun game of balance is where an adult or a child climbs onto a paddle board while two persons hold the board at either end. The winner is the person that can balance the longest. Balancing takes a lot of core work. Can you do it the longest? Join the fun and see if you can beat the record.

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