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Children's Day 2024: Things to Do for Kids and Encourage Creativity

LIFESTYLE | Published on 09/04/2024
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Imagination is the key to creativity, effective problem-solving, and innovation, but as screen time becomes more and more of the norm, how exactly do you nurture little minds? There are endless things to do for kids to spark their imagination and parents, educators, and caregivers should do everything possible to cultivate imaginative playtime for kids. If you’re struggling to spark this invaluable skill, explore some of these fun things to do for kids. These indoor and outdoor activities for kids will have them embarking on new endeavors and asking less and less for their devices. 

muppets doing a tv show

Fun Things to Do with Kids

  1. Storytelling Adventures: Pick up a wordless picture book for kids and begin telling a story. Ask your kids to join the storytelling by making up what happens next. Help them create an elaborate narrative as you flip through the pages of the book. If you don’t have a book, draw a picture, create a costume, or grab some props and begin your adventure together. 
  2. Artistic Expression: There are many ways to bring art into your home. Set up a DIY station that includes markers, crayons, pencils, and paints, or purchase a ready-made art kit that has everything you need. Sometimes all kids need to bring out their artistic side is a little motivation and the right tools, so inspire them and see if they can create their version or guide them step-by-step to creating an art piece you can all admire. 
  3. Build a Fort: If you are looking for things to do for kids, there is nothing they love more than creating hidden spaces in their house, even if those spaces aren’t all that hidden. Give them some blankets, towels, pillows, and chairs, and allow them to create a fort under the kitchen table, next to the couch, or in their rooms. You can even collect some big boxes and help them create a different kind of fort that will last longer. Helping kids use their imagination to design and construct their hideaway will be a memory they’ll take with them long into the future. 

a kid cooking in the kitchen

Indoor Activities for Kids

  1. Science Projects: Turn your kitchen or patio into a science lab by conducting simple science experiments with household items. From fun things to do for kids with Skittles to make a volcano erupt, countless experiments online will inspire you using materials you probably already have at home. The key to building imaginative skills is to make sure kids are hypothesizing what will happen, observing, and exploring on their own. 
  2. Puppet Shows: Use old socks and art supplies to create puppets that you can use in your puppet show. Have them invent characters and storylines, or find solutions to problems you’ve given them. 
  3. Get your Kids in the Kitchen: One of the best indoor activities for kids is cooking. Ask your kids to pick their favorite dish, give them a simple recipe, or try something new together. Have them participate in the whole process of making their meal, from shopping for the ingredients to setting the table to eat. They’ll love the experience and it will make them proud of themselves and their efforts at the end. 

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kids running in the park

Outdoor Activities for Kids

  1. Create an Outdoor Art Gallery: Several products on the market can be used to create temporary art galleries outside, such as sidewalk chalk, washable paints, and dot markers. As one of the fun things to do for kids this summer, give them free rein on your sidewalks and driveway to create an art gallery they can show off to friends, family, and neighbors. 
  2. Set Up an Obstacle Course: Use the materials you have at home to create a fun obstacle course that will keep your kids busy for hours. Make a balancing beam out of a wooden beam, set up old tires or hula hoops for a tire run, use cardboard boxes for kids to crawl through or jump over, and add cups they have to run around. To add more creativity to your outdoor activities for kids, have them create the obstacle course using their ingenuity and ideas. 
  3. Water Games: Take advantage of nice weather to play with water. Games, such as water balloon volleyball, wet sponge tag, or paper boat races, are great ways to get kids active and entertained. Something as simple as water hose limbo can also be fun while you fill-up the kiddie pool.
  4. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts: Before you head out on a walk, list 15 things that you need to find while you’re out, such as street signs, garden fixtures, and different plants or animals. Make a list for every walker and see who can complete their scavenger hunt first. 

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kids taking science class

Team Building Activities for Kids

  1. The Human Knot: Team building activities for kids often require a lot of prep work, but the human knot can be done easily and on the spot with no added materials. Have everyone stand in a big circle as closely as they can. Each person should reach their hands into the center and as each hand connects with someone else’s, the knot is formed. Using communication and ingenuity, have them untie the knot without letting go of each other’s hands. 
  2. Cup Stacking - For this activity, each group will need five stackable cups, a rubberband, and a string for each member. Each person should tie their string around the rubberband and then everyone should stand in a circle. Collectively, pull and let up on the strings until the group has worked the rubberbands around the cup. Then, stack the cups on top of each other, working together once again to remove the rubber band. Continue until all cups have been stacked. The first team to finish wins. 
  3. Hula Hoop Fun: There are several team-building activities for kids that involve hula hoops. Stand in a circle holding hands and see how quickly you can pass the hula hoop around the circle without releasing your hands. Another option is to have everyone stand in a circle with their hands stretched out to the center. Place a hula hoop flat on just the tips of their fingers. Without grabbing onto the hula hoop, hooking their fingers around it, or dropping it, have the group place the hula hoop on the ground. 

By providing opportunities for imaginative play and exploration, parents, educators, and caretakers can nurture the creativity inside every small mind. Whether opting for one of the fun outdoor or indoor activities for kids at home or putting together a community event, these things to do for kids will help you foster the magic of imagination.

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