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Tatewari Spa

Tatewari Spa

Spa at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit

Villa la estancia riviera nayarit

If relaxation, therapy, or professional advice for healthier skin is what you desire, you are in good hands with our team of specialists. Health and beauty is the primary objective and expertly accomplished with the wide variety of personalized treatments for the needs of men and women.

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Spa Packages

Tatewari Spa Riviera Nayarit
Bridal Room
Tatewari treatments give you the option of having a private space for you on that special day. Our "Bridal Room" provides privacy to get dressed together with your bridal party. Get your hair and makeup done to perfection by the best stylists.
Natura Bisse offers the best and the most exclusive body treatments for brides, which include exfoliation, hydration, and a massage with rose-based products combined with the Diamond Instant Glow Facial.
Four Hand Massage
This Hindu therapeutic method involves an incredible synchronized massage technique that's performed by two therapists, who give a complete and unique relaxing massage using 4 hands simultaneously.
Enjoy the perfect combination of essential oils and tequila as it loosens and relaxes your muscles. This relaxing massage is paired with a fine selection of tequila which stimulates blood circulation. 
For centuries, Indians have practiced Ayurvedic medicine therapy. This practice involves gently pouring liquids over the third eye, offering relaxing and purifying properties that restore and balance your energy. 
Combine the perfect methods to reduce stress as well as muscle discomfort by using various massage techniques, such as Swedish and deep tissue massage, stretching, and shiatsu along with warm herbal pads that help relax muscles.
Detox your skin with a Diamond Well Living Natura Bisse body mask and exfoliation. Relieve any pent-up tension and drain toxins from all over your body, then finish your treatment with a facial.
This beauty ritual brings luxury and relief to your skin like an artform. Start with a pomegranate tequila facial that provides oxygenation and instant hydration; followed by an anti-oxidant treatment, and end the experience with a manicure and pedicure.
Herb Pindas Aromatic Massage
Balance the mind, body, and soul through movements and the combination of the therapeutic power of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Using pindas, pressure is exerted on the body which activates the chakras on the physical and energetic levels.
This relaxing massage helps to improve blood circulation in your legs and feet, revitalizing them and decreasing fluid retention.
Enjoy true relaxation by paying special attention to the sensitive parts of the body such as the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, ears, and hips using relaxing massage techniques.
Relaxing massage combined with aromatherapy. Essential oils are absorbed by the pores of the skin until it reaches the bloodstream, where it travels to the parts of the body that need them the most.
This massage uses firm to strong pressure, shiatsu points, and stretching to relax your muscles.
The main purpose of the Swedish massage is to eliminate tension while reaffirming muscles and joints. Its relaxing and toning effect promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as the elimination of a large number of toxins.
Enjoy a full-body massage that brings relaxation using deep tissue massage and stretching techniques.
Enjoy this hot stone therapy that offers a relaxing full-body massage with hot stones, both face-up and face down.
This massage uses different techniques at varying pressure levels, that are comfortable for the guest or recommended by the therapist.
Tatewari Mud Massage
Exfoliate your skin using detoxifying black mud and a full body massage.
Enjoy the benefits of a full body massage using black mud and its healing properties.
This exfoliation treatment leaves your skin ready for the perfect tan.
Soften, reaffirm, and remineralize your skin using our body scrubs and wraps based on your choice of Black Mud, Tatewari Black Mud, Green Tea, yogurt and honey, or citrus and chocolate.
This hydrating treatment heals, nourishes, soothes, and relieves damaged skin caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.
Tatewari Signature Facial
Restore balance and radiant skin with a healing facial that enhances your natural balance, leaving your skin hydrated and radiant.
Detoxify your skin with this facial that helps to eliminate blackheads and oxygenates the skin.
Glow like a diamond with this instant beauty treatment for any event. You'll be radiant on that special day!
Rejuvenate and purify your skin with this innovative Diamond Cocoon Collection that has 3 benefits: 1.- Free the complexion of toxins; 2.- Fortify the skin from the inside; 3.- Bind the skin's complexion with an invisible protective veil.
This facial helps to renew your skin using three types of collagen benefits: 1.- Increases skin firmness; 2.- Improves skin density and maintains hydration; 3.- Stimulates the synthesis of new collagen.
This firming treatment uses 100% antioxidants to revitalize and moisturize the skin intensively, leaving the skin soft and luminous.
Enjoy an anti-inflammatory treatment for all types of sensitive skin that soothes and firms the skin.
My Other Half
This couple's 50-minute massage is accompanied by complimentary chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of sparkling wine.
Enjoy true relaxation as a couple. This couple's experience includes a massage, exfoliation, and facial accompanied by chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of sparkling wine. 140 min
Enjoy a couple's massage for 80 minutes, complimentary strawberries with chocolate and a bottle of sparkling wine.

Escape to the the Tatwari Spa, where you’ll find an oasis of heavenly spa experiences


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We visited multiple times for facials and massages for kids and adults. The staff were very accommodating and friendly and we all thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

-James U

True Relaxation and a Harmonious State of Wellbeing

The Tatewari Spa offers a uniquely different spa experience, that focuses not only on providing innovative treatments that pamper the physical body, but also on harmonizing the inner spirit as well. The soothing ambiance of this award-winning spa is one that will consume you, drawing you back for one innovative treatment after another. The spacious treatment cabins, distinguished service, and vast selection of spa therapies are yours for the taking. Whether indulging in a full body scrub, therapeutic massage, or hydrating facial, you’ll feel renewed with a sense of relaxation that lingers long after you leave. 

Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit Spa

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