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Top Destination Wedding Locations in Mexico for 2024

WEDDINGS | Published on 27/03/2024
Optimizada wedding resorts in riviera nayarit

It’s easy to dream about your wedding day, the perfect setting, beautiful decorations, and of course, the important people who will accompany you on your journey into marriage, but turning your dreams into reality can be a daunting task for many couples. Finding a venue that meets your needs, staying within your budget, and not overdoing it on the guest list can seem almost impossible at times, but if you opt to get married at one of the top destination wedding locations in Mexico, you may be able to accomplish everything you’ve dreamed of and more. 

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Why Choose a Mexico Destination Wedding?

Mexico is known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality, but did you also know the country ranks highly among those seeking stylish outdoor wedding venues, incredible destination wedding packages, and impeccable service? The top destination wedding locations in Mexico offer incredible benefits you may not find in other places proclaiming to host the top destination weddings, especially if you’re hoping to fit in some of the best 2024 wedding trends. While perusing the list of Mexico destination weddings, you’re likely to find more than a few that will match your wedding vision and then some. 

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Top Destination Wedding Locations in Mexico

  1. Riviera Nayarit - With its rich cultural scene, warm hospitality, and endless destination wedding locations, Riviera Nayarit is guaranteed to be the ideal destination for the wedding of your dreams. Not only are the beaches stunning, but the region is known for its delicious cuisine, impressive all-inclusive destination wedding packages, and an endless array of things to do. When you choose Riviera Nayarit for your outdoor wedding, you’ll be ensuring it is a grand affair for everyone in attendance. 
  2. Loreto - There is nothing quite like the natural beauty and serene landscapes of Loreto, Mexico. If you’re planning an intimate affair and you’d prefer a more secluded location, Loreto is where you want to be. The small town, which lies on the Eastern coast of the Baja Peninsula is both rich in culture and blanketed in jaw-dropping beauty. Opt for the impressive destination wedding packages at the city’s top resort and you’ll be on your way to an enchanting wedding day. 
  3. Cabo San Lucas - As one of the top destination wedding locations in Mexico, you can find everything you need for the wedding you’ve always imagined. Cabo is known for seamlessly blending modern-day luxuries with old-town Mexican charm, and the combination is nothing less than heavenly. From sunset ceremonies that place the iconic arch as the backdrop for your wedding to elaborate reception venues, a wedding in Cabo is sure to be unforgettable.
  4. Puerto Vallarta - Getting married in Mexico means you’ll have stunning landscapes to decorate your day. Puerto Vallarta, the popular tourist destination nestled in between the rolling mountains and ocean tides of Mexico’s Pacific coast, is just the place for a scenic wedding day. 
  5. Cancun and the Riviera Maya - While not as popular as it once was, there is still a lot to be said about the top destination weddings held on Mexico’s Eastern coast. Cancun and the Riviera Maya offer picturesque settings and world-class resorts for incredible wedding events. 

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Easily-Accomplished 2024 Wedding Trends in Mexico

There are a million reasons to get married in Mexico, but you may be wondering if Mexico destination weddings meet the vibe-check for 2024. Ever-evolving ideas about what should and shouldn’t be done at a wedding can make finalizing your plans an anxiety-stricken affair, but rest assured, when choosing the destination wedding packages offered at many of the top resorts, you’ll easily be able to accommodate more than a few 2024 wedding trends. 

  1. 2024 Weddings Call for Separating your Ceremony and Reception - Give each moment the time and respect it deserves by allocating different days for your ceremony and reception. Not only will this allow you to focus your attention on the formalities of the ceremony, but it will keep your guests entertained throughout more days of their trip. It is also incredibly easy during the top destination weddings because your guests will be present throughout the week, so scheduling your ceremony and reception on weekdays instead of important travel dates is easier and more affordable. 
  2. Opt for More Private, Intimate Affairs - 2024 wedding trends are leaning toward more simplistic events, which are both more private and more intimate. This means opting for shorter invite lists, smaller wedding parties, and more secluded locations. Many destination wedding packages include options for intimate affairs and having a destination wedding usually means only those who truly want to be there for your wedding day, will be. 
  3. Select Sustainable Simplicity - As the world moves toward greener practices, so do the top destination weddings. Mexico’s outdoor wedding venues make staying sustainable easier than ever because you don’t need to go crazy with fresh-cut flowers, lavish decorations, or elaborate lighting. The stunning natural beauty, eternal blue skies, and locally sourced vendors make it possible to be green even on the most important day of your life.

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