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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

WEDDINGS | Published on 24/03/2022
Optimizada bride and groom wedding rings

While many couples spend months thinking about engagement rings, the actual wedding bands often get overlooked. However, bride and groom wedding rings are going to be worn every day, so choosing a wedding ring guide is an important step before the big day. By thinking through your options, you’ll have the perfect ring to help write the next chapter of your love story.

Consider Your Personal Style

While there are lots of unique wedding rings out there, don’t simply go with what’s trendy at the time. Find a ring that matches your personal style, especially since you’ll wear it every day. Choose between white and yellow gold, and go for something sparkly or minimalistic. By focusing on what appeals to you rather than what’s popular in magazines, your bride and groom wedding rings will have a timeless appeal to your personalities.

Factor in Your Lifestyle

Diamond Wedding Ring

Because you’ll want to wear your wedding ring every day, it’s important that it fits your lifestyle. Intricate rings with large gems aren’t the best if you’re constantly working with your hand. Tungsten and titanium are strong metals that won’t bend or scratch easily, but if you don’t want to skimp on the bling, consider unique wedding rings with inlaid stones. Silicon bride and groom wedding rings are the perfect option for active couples who want an elegant wedding diamond ring for the big day but simpler options to change into when they’re working.

Set a Budget

Once you know the sort of design you want, it’s time to set a budget. The right jeweler can help you find what you’re looking for without breaking the bank. As you’re choosing a wedding ring guide and budget, balance the lifelong value of the ring with the fact that there’s more to your love than a symbolic wedding diamond ring.

Wait to Size Your Rings Together

If you’re going to stack your engagement ring and wedding band on top of each other, wait to get them sized together. Because the engagement ring is customarily worn above the band, it will fit differently when it’s solo before the big day. If you purchase both rings together, the jeweler will be able to advise you on this.

Shop with Your Partner

Bride and groom wearing their wedding rings

Since each of you will be getting a wedding band, this is one part of the planning that’s fun to do together. Take a date night to visit a local jeweler, and help each other choose “the one.” Having each other there for feedback on what looks best will help you feel confident in your choice of the perfect wedding ring. While some couples end up with unique wedding rings to match their individual personalities, shopping together gives you the chance to find rings that share similarities.

Consider Engraving Your Ring

When you’re choosing a wedding ring guide, don’t forget about the sentimentality of having your bands engraved. Many couples have their initials, the wedding date, or a simple message engraved inside their bands to serve as an additional reminder of their love. Even if you don’t get your wedding diamond ring engraved before the big day, getting an inscription put in later is a way to continue celebrating your love.

Finding the perfect wedding ring isn’t hard once you know what you’re looking for. By taking time to consider your personality, lifestyle, and love story, you’ll know exactly what the right choice is.

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