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5 Tips for Getting Married in Mexico

WEDDINGS | Published on 06/02/2024
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Getting married in Mexico is a dream come true to many; it's probably yours, too, if you are reading this article. It is a country with many different destinations to choose from; it offers the perfect weather, fantastic food, and the top 1 service in hospitality. However, while a wedding in Mexico may sound like a dream, there are tips you might want to consider to make your Mexico wedding a dream come true for you and your guests.

How to get married in Mexico?

It is among the frequently asked questions we receive when foreigners start planning their destination wedding. Luckily for you, these five tips will help you make the planning and execution of your event a smooth process.

Choose the type of wedding you want

This is key to the planning process. You must choose whether you want a symbolic, catholic, or legal wedding. It all depends on your preferences, budget, and religion. Most destinations will have access to these three (and more) options. However, time is critical, as catholic and legal weddings require more planning and arrangements, so decide with plenty of time!

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Choose your destination wisely! 

You can label many places as "the best places to get married in Mexico," but beach destinations have their own magic. Our top picks for destination weddings in Mexico include:

  1. Cabo San Lucas is a luxurious coastal city known for having some of the best all-inclusive resorts, stunning views of the Sea of Cortez, and hosting the hottest celebrities. 
  2. Puerto Vallarta is a perfect destination for inviting kids to the event. It offers a plethora of all-inclusive resorts with great seaside venues.
  3. Nuevo Vallarta is a trendy destination that has become increasingly popular. It is luxurious, beautiful, and a selection everyone will wonder how they didn't choose for their destination wedding. 

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Have these documents ready!

Even when documents vary between states, it is always better to be safe than sorry! So, gather these papers and let the best day of your life happen without any misadventure. 

  • Passport: You must present the original and a copy.
  • Travel visa or resident permits: You must present original copies.
  • Birth certificates: Must be translated to Spanish by a certificated translator.
  • Divorce decree / Death certificate: If it is your case.
  • Chest X-rays: Please note they must be done in Mexico.
  • Blood test results: Please note they must be done in Mexico.
  • Marriage Application Forms: Specify whether you will get married under joint or separate property.

    Have your and your witness papers updated

    When marrying in Mexico, having four witnesses at any legal ceremony is mandatory, and everyone must have legal IDs; you can use your Passport. However, other forms of government-issued identification are also accepted. Make sure your papers are updated to avoid any inconvenience on your wedding day!

    Validity is key!

    By getting married in Mexico, your Marriage Certificate is recognized globally, but you must undergo the legalization process in Mexico to ensure its acceptance in your home country. The Mexican registry office or your wedding planner can guide you on local options for completing this process.

    Getting married in Mexico for foreigners is an easy process when following these five tips on getting married in Mexico, so make sure to come back to them once you are ready to start planning for the best day of your life!

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