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Beach Wedding Attire for Men

WEDDINGS | Published on 01/06/2022
Optimizada beach wedding attire ideas

Attending a destination beach wedding is a chance to take a mini-vacation and celebrate the special couple, and while you’ll be wearing plenty of tropical prints and swim trunks, you’ll need to pack appropriate beach wedding attire for men. While men’s beach wedding attire is typically more casual than it is for traditional ceremonies, you want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately, factoring in both the wedding style and the destination’s weather. With these outfit ideas for a destination wedding, you’ll be comfortable and appropriate from the ceremony through the reception.

Find Out What Beach Wedding Attire Is Expected

Most wedding invitations will give a hint at what outfit ideas are appropriate, whether it’s black-tie or casual, but if you can’t tell from the invitation, reach out to the couple to find out what beach wedding attire is expected. However, be sure to do this early before the wedding planning gets too busy. Another option is to ask a member of the wedding party since they’ll have a good idea what wedding outfits for men would be appropriate.

Formal Beach Wedding Attire For Men

When it comes to formal men’s wedding outfit ideas, you can’t go wrong with a classic black tux whether you’re in a church or on a beach. However, in a tropical destination, you can mix things up a bit. A dark blue or even beige suit is a more unique beach wedding attire for men, and if the weather’s going to be warm, materials like linen, khaki, or seersucker make for cool wedding clothes for men. If you want to try something new for your beach wedding attire without having to buy a whole new suit, rent an elegant outfit for the big day.

Semi-Formal Wedding Clothes For Men

Many couples choose to have a destination wedding because they don’t want to stick with tradition, making the expected men’s beach wedding attire less formal. However, appropriate men’s wedding outfit ideas won’t include prints that are too loud or casual, and you should stick with closed-toe shoes, like loafers or deck shoes. For semi-formal weddings, you don’t need a full suit or jacket, but a lightweight sports coat or blazer keeps you looking stylish.

Casual Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

Skip the tie and jacket for casual wedding outfits for men. However, since it’s a wedding, you still don’t want to show up in swim trunks or sneakers. Some good outfit ideas include button-up shirts, either short sleeves or full length, or even polos. For a more casual look, pair this with nice chino shorts or light-colored slacks. When it comes to casual footwear for wedding clothes for men at the beach, stick with loafers or stylish leather sandals. 

Wedding outfits for men are typically a traditional suit and tie, but there are a few ways to mix it up, especially for a tropical beach wedding. As you look into different men’s wedding outfit ideas, be sure they match the level of formality of the ceremony.

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