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5 Things to Keep in Mind for a Destination Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 13/01/2023
Optimizada tips for destination weddings

There’s nothing more romantic than tying the knot with your sweetheart at your dream vacation spot surrounded by your dearest loved ones. Whether you choose to say your vows with your feet soaked in golden sand or at an esteemed wedding venue at your getaway of choice, a destination wedding is certain to solidify the memories and enhance the magic of your special day.

Creating such an event can at first feel like an insurmountable task when you think about exactly how to plan a destination weddingfrom far away, but rest assured that long distance wedding planning will not only be possible but well worth the effort. If you are equipped with the right tips for what to consider when planning a destination wedding, you will be sure to host one of the best destination weddings that will leave you feeling like you are already on your honeymoon.

1. Determine your Location

The first and most important step for what to consider when planning a destination weddingis where you are able to throw your matrimonial celebration. Not every beach town or venue will have the appropriate resources for your dream wedding depending on your number of guests, desired choice of food, or preferences for the ceremony. For example, you wouldn’t want to hold your wedding in a remote location that is difficult to access for your guests that are already traveling long distances. So choosing a location that offers the most suitable destination wedding packages for your vision will require some research.

2. Choose your Wedding Planner

While you might have a friend of a friend that is a stellar wedding planner in your home area, finding a wedding planner that is familiar with the locale of your destination of choice is very important for finding the most appropriate destination wedding packages. Local wedding planners know how to plan a destination wedding in that particular area and will have useful insight as well as connections with local venues, accommodations, and vendors. If you’re getting married at a resort, make sure your destination wedding packages come with the services of a wedding planner already included. It will make your day so much easier.

3. Plan a Trip Ahead of Time

Your wedding planner will be able to help you anticipate wedding planning needs that you possibly didn’t think about, but only you and your fiance can really make the final call on what your destination wedding will entail. Plan a trip in advance so that you can meet your planner face-to-face, scope out venues for the best destination weddings, and taste some local cuisine to hire for catering services. 


4. Check Local Marriage Laws and Requirements

If you are planning to have your marriage legalized in the country where you are holding your destination wedding, you will need to check the local laws and requirements for foreign nationals. Some countries, such as Mexico, require translated documents as well as health checks before a marriage can be legalized. Different countries or even municipalities within a country may have other requirements as well such as the number of witnesses required for a legalized marriage. Often these legal technicalities can fall by the wayside throughout the excitement for the big event, but remembering to check international requirements and restrictions is imperative for what to consider when planning a destination wedding. Consider speaking with law offices that offer destination wedding packages and services and help foreign nationals with the legal side of their wedding planning.

5. Go Beyond the Wedding Day

At the best destination weddings, the married couple and their guests typically do more activities in the area besides the wedding ceremony and reception. Spend some time researching how to plan a destination wedding group activity for before or after the wedding day. Plan for example an adventurous activity for your bachelor or bachelorette party such as scuba diving off an exotic coral reef or ATVing through the mountains. Checking reviews and testimonials from other people that have held their destination wedding in that area will ensure that you choose the activities best suited for your guests.

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