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Why Booking a Hotel is Better Than an AirBnB

LIFESTYLE | Published on 12/12/2019
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Since AirBnB came onto the hospitality scene over ten years ago, more and more people have debated whether to book an AirBnb or hotel for vacations. There is a variety of AirBnb vs hotels pros and cons, and for some travelers, one works better than the other. During the booking process, most travelers ask “Is AirBnB cheaper than hotels?”, and while it may seem so when you book, there are several reasons why booking a hotel will save you more money overall and give you a better experience.

Hotels Facilities and Inclusions

When it comes to which is cheaper, hotel or AirBnB, the listed price doesn’t factor in all the inclusions. Staying at a hotel or all-inclusive resort includes access to all facilities: pools by the ocean, fully equipped fitness centers, and gourmet restaurants. The dining plans at all-inclusive resorts make savings stack up fast, and beach resorts run a variety of family programs and activities for guests, giving you entertainment options all day long without having to pay more. As you browse AirBnB or hotel options, be sure to read all the details about what’s included in the nightly price. Before you calculate which is cheaper, hotel or AirBnb, factor in all the inclusions of each type of property. 

In-Suite Amenities

One of the main reasons travelers choose between AirBnB or hotel vacations is the option of having a kitchen to prepare meals in. While one of the AirBnB vs hotel pros and cons is having an entire home to cook in, most resort suites include a kitchen where you can reheat leftovers or prepare a full meal. If you’re asking “Is AirBnB cheaper than hotels?”, keep in mind that you can find options for both that include a kitchen to save money on dining. 

Kid Friendly Vacations

For families, there’s no debate of AirBnB vs hotel pros and cons: hotels make traveling with kids easier. The cooking and cleaning are all done for you on a daily basis, and the amenities and activities included in your stay fill your days with laughter and fun. Most resorts are designed with kids in mind, furnished without sharp edges, and filled with ample space for moms and dads to relax after the kids have gone to bed. While it’s important to think about which is cheaper, hotel or AirBnB, you also want to factor in your own comfort and peace of mind when you choose accommodations. 

Level of Trustworthiness

News headlines have lately contained stories of AirBnB scams. Because accommodations are run by private individuals, many take advantage of the system and post deceptive photos and descriptions, even writing fake reviews of properties. AirBnB vs hotel safety is more important to consider than price. Don’t risk having your booking canceled at the last minute or being disappointed in your accommodations. Resorts and hotels have their own security staff and video surveillance. By prioritizing AirBnB vs hotel safety, you’ll end up in a reputable resort that prioritizes trustworthiness and honesty over profits.

While “Is AirBnB cheaper than hotels?” is one of the first things people ask before booking, the true price of any accommodation needs to factor in all the inclusions. An AirBnB property may appear cheaper than a resort, but taking advantage of the dining plan, pools, and family activities will give you more for your money. When it comes to AirBnB vs hotel safety, there’s no price you can put on feeling confident and secure when you lay your head down at night. For some travelers, the uniqueness and cheaper overall fee make AirBnB a tempting option, but for discerning travelers looking to save money or traveling with kids, hotels give you everything you need for the vacation of a lifetime.

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