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Beach Safety Tips for Your Summer Vacation

LIFESTYLE | Published on 11/07/2022
Optimizada tips for your summer vacation

While soaking up the sun by the pool or ocean is one of the best summer vacation ideas, staying safe with tips for a healthy summer vacation is even better. While you enjoy kicking back and cooling off with a dip in the water and a cold drink, these summer beach safety tips will make sure you feel great all day long and are ready to head back outside the next day. Whether you’re diving into a backyard pool, floating down the local river, or splashing in the sea, each of these five pool and beach tips is easy to follow and will keep you moving all summer long.

Slather On Sunblock

Chances are you know the woes of sunburnt skin: hiding inside from the sun, bathing in aloe vera, and slowly watching your skin peel. Over time, sunburns can lead to permanent skin spots and even cancer. If you don’t tend to follow many tips for a healthy summer vacation, make applying sunblock your top priority. Applying sunblock takes only a couple minutes, but the effects of protecting your skin last a lifetime. Some of the best pool and beach tips for skin protection are to choose an SPF of at least 30, look for water-resistant lotions, find a spot in the shade, and reapply sun lotion every two hours. If you follow these summer vacation safety tips, you won’t be stuck inside nursing a burn and missing out on the fun.

See And Follow Signs

Whether you’re at a resort pool or on a public beach, it’s likely that there are signs posted with pool and beach tips and information. Instead of brushing past the signs on your way to the water, take a moment to read through the summer beach safety tips or pool rules that are posted and follow them. This is one of the most important beach vacation tips when you’re traveling somewhere new where you’re not familiar with the water or rules.

Securely Store Possessions

While putting your valuables in a locker is one of the top pool safety tips, many beaches don’t have a secure location for storing possessions. One of the best summer beach safety tips is to discreetly dig a shallow hole for possessions under your towel, leaving you free to splash in the ocean while keeping an eye on your spot. If you’re staying at a beach resort, leave your possessions in your room or with hotel security while you take a dip in the sea.

Swim Safely

There are several summer vacation safety tips to think about before diving into the water. If you’re in a river, lake, or ocean, look out for rock formations and tree branches sticking out of the water. Stick to open areas where the water is calm. While cliff jumping may seem like one of the most exciting summer vacation ideas, it can also lead to serious accidents. If you’re diving into a pool, make sure to follow posted signs and warnings, and diving only into the deep end is one of the wisest pool safety tips. No matter where you’re swimming, make sure to follow posted rules and remember that sticking to areas with a lifeguard on duty is one of the best summer vacation safety tips.

Sip Wisely

Icy margaritas and cold beer by the sea are classic summer vacation ideas, but staying hydrated is one of the best tips for a healthy summer vacation. While you can enjoy a couple of adult beverages, remembering to drink glasses of ice water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and prevent a hangover from coming on. Heat stroke is a serious danger, and hydrating with water is one of the top beach vacation tips to keep you healthy.

While summer days by the water are idyllic and relaxing, there are also dangers that pose a threat to your fun. Following these pool safety tips and beach vacation tips are easy and only take a couple of extra minutes, but they can save you serious pain and time spent recovering from a day of fun under the sun. Before heading out, make sure to drink plenty of water, slather on sunscreen, read the signs, and securely store possessions so that nothing holds you back from relaxing and swimming safely in the water.

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