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Tourist Attractions in Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit

LIFESTYLE | Published on 18/03/2020
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When you visit Riviera Nayarit in Mexico, a vibrant culture, warm hospitality, and exciting adventures surround you. There’s a number of tourist attractions in Nuevo Vallarta and beyond that attract thousands of visitors every year. From all parts of the globe, they set their sights on the unique places to visit in Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit to experience the rich culture of Mexico. On your next vacation, add these things to see and do in Nuevo Vallarta into your travel itinerary. 

Nuevo Vallarta Bike Path

Running parallel to the beach is the city’s bike path. On any given morning, this is one of the most popular places to visit in Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Shaded by lush palms, the path is the perfect destination for your morning exercise. Throw on your tennis shoes for a walk or run along the trail, or rent a bike to zip throughout the city. Using the bike path, you can easily reach other Nuevo Vallarta tourist attractions.

Nuevo Vallarta Beach

You can’t visit Riviera Nayarit in Mexico without spending a day on the beach, and few shorelines can compare to the Nuevo Vallarta Beach. Here, soft sands stretch on for miles, from the Ameca River to the city of Bucerias, giving tourists and locals plenty of room to spread out towels, pop up an umbrella, and splash in the gentle surf. The beach is lined by some of the best resorts, making it easy for guests to get out and enjoy one of the most iconic Nuevo Vallarta tourist attractions

Local Market

The local markets are the best places to visit in Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit if you’re looking for a little shopping. On Tuesday, the Riviera Farmers Market fills the parking lot of the Centro Empresarial with everything from local bakers’ goods to artisan jewelry. On Saturdays, a market pops up over in the Nuevo Vallarta marina, where you can also walk and check out the boats coming in and out. However, it’s Sundays in La Cruz where you’ll find the biggest market of the week. Stretching on throughout the entire marina are food vendors, musicians, painters, and other artisans offering beautiful treasures for you to take home. These cultural attractions in Nuevo Vallarta showcase the talents of local artists and chefs, and with several markets throughout the week, it’s easy to add a trip into your schedule.

Monkey Mountain

Some of the best things to see and do in Nuevo Vallarta take you up into the mountains, and if you’re looking for a jungle adventure, take a hike up Monkey Mountain. While there are no monkeys, there is a clear trail from the town of Higuera Blanca up to a scenic lookout, but you’ll have to sweat a little to get there. At the top, you’ll have a 360° view back into the mountains and out to sea. Along the way, you’ll see plenty of other hikers exploring one of the best Nuevo Vallarta tourist attractions. 


Sayulita is one of the most visited tourist places in Riviera Nayarit. Boutique shops, local bars, and taco stands line the cobblestone streets that lead down to the beach. As you wander the streets and visit the plaza, you’ll spot local artwork everywhere you look. On the beach, there are several surf schools offering board rentals and lessons. Even if you don’t catch a wave, watching the pros and sinking your teeth into fish tacos make for the perfect beach day. Sayulita is about 45 minutes from downtown Nuevo Vallarta, but as one of the top cultural attractions in Nuevo Vallarta, it’s worth the trip. 

Marietas Islands

The most famous tourist places in Riviera Nayarit are the Marietas Islands. As you sail around the island, you’ll spot the famous blue footed booby birds nesting on the cliffs, and tucked within the island is a hidden beach. Lover’s Beach is covered by the dome of the island, but sunlight floods in through a large opening onto the turquoise water. If the Marietas Islands are one of the top things to see and do in Nuevo Vallarta for you, be sure to book a tour early since the number of people allowed on the beach each day is limited to preserve the ecosystem. 

When you visit Riviera Nayarit in Mexico, you’re in a land of beauty and excitement, and exploring these tourist places in Riviera Nayarit will show you the local culture that makes this coastline beloved by travelers around the world.

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