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Mexico Travel Tips for Parents with Babies

LIFESTYLE | Published on 03/10/2019
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Is it safe to take a baby to Mexico? The answer to this common question depends on two things: your destination and your preparation. Most of the popular family destinations in Mexico are also the safest for family vacations. Tourism supports the majority of these cities’ economies, so business owners and local employees are invested in keeping their city friendly to foreigners. The second thing that determines the answer to “Is it safe to take a baby to Mexico?” is your preparation. With these tips for traveling to Mexico with baby on board, families of all ages can explore our incredible world, building lifelong memories on vacation together.

Airplane Travel with Baby

The first step to getting to Mexico is airplane travel with baby. While it may sound daunting to get to travel to Mexico with baby passport in hand, the process of getting this document is straightforward. Because the baby is a minor who has never had a passport, both parents must be present to apply, and it cannot be done via mail. You’ll need the application, birth certificate, parents’ IDs, passport photo, and payment for fees. After this, you’re ready to travel to Mexico with baby passport. During airplane travel with baby, make sure to bring beloved toys, a change of clothes, and extra formula and diapers in your carry-on bag. You can’t predict what will happen in the air when you travel to Mexico with baby passport, but using the bathroom beforehand and preboarding can help you feel more comfortable throughout the flight.

Food in Foreign Countries

When parents think about eating in a foreign country, they often wonder, “Is it safe to take a baby to Mexico?” If your baby is still breastfeeding, you don’t have to worry about food. Once they’re taking formula, you’ll want to research if you can find your brand in the destination or pack plenty with you. If you’re traveling to Mexico with a baby or toddler who is eating solids, just be sure that you’re eating at clean dining establishments and monitoring their sugar intake. Having toddlers help themselves to all-inclusive buffets can lead to upset stomachs and sugar rushes.

Sleeping on Vacation

One of the best things about traveling to Mexico with a baby is that they probably won’t experience much, if any, jetlag. To make sure your baby gets plenty of zzz’s, pack blankets and crib bedding from home whose scent will comfort your little one. Having these baby travel essentials and following a normal nap and bedtime schedule will cut down on tantrums and outbursts.

Playtime Outside

One reason so many people ask “Is Mexico safe for a family vacation?” is stories of people getting sick. While adjusting to a foreign country and different cuisine can take a toll on you, people often fall ill due to lack of hydration and sun exposure while playing on the beach. Some baby travel essentials that will keep you safe during outside playtime are hats, sunglasses, water bottles, and plenty of sunscreen. For babies, it’s often wise to even bring a rashguard to protect their sensitive skin. If you’re prepared to take care of your body and your baby’s, the answer to “Is Mexico safe for a family vacation?” is “Yes!”

Building family memories on vacations is still important. You’ll be spending lots of quality time together away from the distractions of work and to-do lists. Together, you can experience the world and have extraordinary adventures. Having a baby shouldn’t hold you back from giving your family the trip of a lifetime. If you have these baby travel essentials, you won’t have to worry “Is Mexico safe for a family vacation?” You’ll be able to relax and watch the wonder fill your baby’s eyes as you explore the vibrant Mexican culture.

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