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How to Plant a Garden

LIFESTYLE | Published on 18/05/2020
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More and more, people are learning how to grow a garden and are decorating their homes with garden plants. As you learn more about gardening at home, you’ll find that one of the best home garden pro tips is use propagation to multiply your garden plants rather than going to the store to buy more. Propagating is a method of cutting off stems in a way that will allow them to grow new roots. Like most parts of how to plant a garden, propagation takes time, but using these planting tips will give you lots of new options.

Prepping the Stem

When to plant a garden depends on the climate, but creating more plants for garden season can happen all year long. Almost all healthy plants can be propagated, but hardwood and semi-hardwood, and softwood cuttings are best done in soil. Leafy vines are great garden plants for water propagation. For how to plant a garden with propagation of any foliage, find a joint in the stems with a tiny node on it. This node is where new roots have the potential for shooting out. Making your cut just below the node is one of the best home garden pro tips for how to grow your plants when propagating. On your cut, you only need a couple leaves for photosynthesis. Having too many takes energy away from growing new roots. As you make plans for how to grow a garden, use at at least three stems to give you plenty of new plants. 

Water Propagation

When it comes to how to plant a garden using water propagation, leafy greens with thin, soft stems are great garden plants for this method. A list of what do plants need to grow usually includes soil, but for a while, they can start to grow roots with just water and sunlight. Place your cutting in a cup or vase of water, keeping the leaves in the air. Make sure to change the water regularly to keep it clean. When it comes to what do plants need to grow while water propagating, the main thing is patience. Decorative vases and colored glassware are the best garden planter ideas to use because while the roots grow, you’ll have beautiful home decor. Once the roots are over an inch long, you can transfer them to soil. With these steps, you’ll have plenty of plants for garden season in just a few weeks. 

Soil Propagation

Even if the best time for when to plant a garden is months away, this method for how to grow your plants will give you more options of new plants for garden season. Even hardwoods are great garden plants that can be propagated. The best garden planter ideas for soil propagation are small pots, keeping the stems out of the actual earth until their roots are ready. The key for how to grow a garden using soil propagation is a rich mix of clay soil and compost in your pots. With your hands or a pencil, make 10 cm holes in the soil for the stems. Place your stems in here, and fill around with soil. When it comes to what plants need to grow at this point, make sure to water them regularly, but don’t flood your pots with water. One of the best planting tips for how to grow your plants is to use a spray bottle to mist the leaves and soil, keeping the dirt dark and moist. 

Choosing when to plant a garden can be tricky, but with these home garden pro tips, you can be cultivating new offshots all year long. With more plants to fill out your garden and decorate your home, following these planting tips will really have paid off!

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