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5 Travel Trends for 2021

LIFESTYLE | Published on 29/07/2019
Optimizada 5 travel trends for 2019

Where will you travel in 2021? Well, there are some trends shaping travel in 2021 that can help predict where your journey will take you. From eco-friendly resorts to wellness retreats, travelers are making more conscientious choices this year to give back and live intentionally even on vacation. The fun of exploring the world isn’t just limited to the grown ups; some of these are also growing family travel trends that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re flying solo or bringing the kids, let these five top travel trends inspire your next adventure.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Conservation and environmental protection are shaping this year’s travel and tourism trends. Travelers wanting to reduce their carbon footprints are opting for resorts whose operations aim to respect the environment. Throughout their stays, guests are minding their plastic consumption and carrying reusable water bottles, which has led tourism companies to start changing their business models to reflect these important travel trends

Wellness Retreats

Whether people are participating in formal wellness retreats or incorporating wellness practices into their own vacations, using travel to unplug and recharge is one of the top travel trends sweeping the globe. During a wellness vacation, people tend to focus on restoring their spirits through mindfulness practices and recharging their bodies with nutritious meals, exercise, and blissful nights of sleep. When it comes to travel destination trends, beach escapes and secluded oases are becoming the choice for wellness vacations.

Instagram Influencers

It’s no surprise that trending Instagram influencers are influencing this year’s travel and tourism trends. So, where will you travel in 2021? The answer just might be on social media. Whether you’re drawn to foodie blogs or photographers’ exotic shots, your social media consumption will influence your travel choices. Capturing iconic landmarks and Instagrammable experiences are some of the trends shaping travel in 2021

Local Experiences

Social media lets us share pictures from famous destinations, but finding local experiences off the beaten path is becoming one of the top travel trends this year. Travel destination trends are shifting away from major cities to lesser known towns where travelers can dive into the culture. Sampling street food, taking cultural tours, and hiking through the natural environment are two of the important travel trends that let guests experience a destination as locals do. Many families value these experiences as it exposes children to how people around the world live, shaping family travel trends and providing an educational experience for everyone.

Business + Leisure

With the internet, it’s easier to escape to paradise without having to fall behind on work. While unplugging on a wellness retreat is one of the most popular trends shaping travel in 2021, working online and staying up-to-date with clients is letting more adults travel this year. This is also shaping family travel trends since it allows more parents the option to getaway when school’s out. Many businesses are also incorporating domestic and international travel into their professional growth plans and conferences, making locations with large hotels and conference rooms always an important part of travel destination trends.

So where will you travel in 2021? An eco-friendly beach resort or an off-the-grid village? No matter where you go, you’ll see these travel and tourism trends impacting our environment and minds for the better. As travelers continue to make conscientious choices, these important travel trends will help preserve beloved destinations and encourage us to live well no matter where we are.

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