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Wellness Travel - Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

WELLNESS | Published on 15/05/2019
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Visions of jungle adventures, afternoons by the pool, and waves gently lapping against the warm sands float through your mind as you dream of your Mexico vacation. No one plans for illness on vacation, so it’s important to follow wellness tips to stay healthy while traveling, especially to a foreign country. Instead of missing out on exciting activities, you’ll be recharged and refreshed each day to keep exploring Mexico’s natural beauty. At the end of your stay, you won’t return home feeling exhausted and bloated, but whole and healthy.

Slow Down And Savor Every Moment

Wellness travel is becoming more popular as people vacation with the intention of healing their bodies and minds. No matter what purpose your vacation has, following traveling wellness tips can help you feel your best while enjoying the best of Mexico. Part of wellness travel is to immerse yourself in the beauty of each moment, to live fully in the present. To stay healthy while traveling, it’s important to slow down and take your time. Instead of rushing from tour to tour, slow down and enjoy quiet moments where you are. Putting your phone away will keep the distractions of work, news, and social media away, keeping your thoughts focused on every moment of your vacation.

Indulge In Fresh Healthy Food Options During Vacation

Mexican farmers are gathering leafy greens and bright tropical fruits all year long to provide you with healthy food options during vacation. When you’re surrounded by delicious natural produce, it’s easy to eat healthy on vacation and order a side of homemade guacamole instead of fresh fries with your meal. You can even find healthy food options during vacation on the beach. Freshly chopped cucumber, jicama, and carrots topped with lime juice and chili powder are a classical Mexican snack, and vendors stroll the beaches and streets with fresh produce to go. You can also purchase beautifully carved mangos for a healthy snack that will leave you feeling energized and full. While indulging in tacos and fruity margaritas is one of the best things to do in Mexico, choosing to eat healthy on vacation for most of your meals is refreshing and invigorating. The best hotels in Nuevo Vallarta offer a wealth of options for those looking to maintain their diet on vacation. Before heading out, check out the diversified menus at your resort and you may be surprised by the healthy, yet delicious, options you’ll find.

Enjoy Your Beauty Sleep

Don’t get worn out on vacation, but recharge your batteries each night with a full eight hours of sleep. Sleep is the foundation of your health, and you’re much more likely to fall sick if your body hasn’t gotten the sleep it needs. When you’re on vacation away from work and to-do lists, you’re free to fall asleep whenever you want and wake up to the sun rising over the mountains. One of the best traveling wellness tips is to relax with electronics away before falling asleep at a good time each night.

Beat Germs With Vitamin C

Airports and planes are known for being places where germs can spread easily, and vitamin C is a natural way to combat the onset of illnesses. Getting an extra boost from an orange with breakfast or a supplement is one of the best traveling wellness tips. As you eat healthy on vacation in Mexico, you can start each day with freshly squeezed orange juice--a delicious way to boost your immune system and help you stay healthy while traveling.

Get Up And Get Out Into The Fresh Air

The warm sunshine and cool sea breeze are a winning combination for a day outside, and wellness travel emphasizes using light exercise to care for your body and health. On the coast of Mexico, the flow of the ocean invites you to move and play on the beach. Stay on shore for a stroll, or dive in for a swim and snorkel in the sea. If you turn away from the ocean, you’ll see the lush jungles covering the mountains and providing shade to rugged trails where you can bike and hike for an afternoon of exercise. Keeping your body moving and your blood pumping will fight germs and improve your overall health on vacation.

Don’t miss a beat of your Mexico vacation when you make healthy choices that will keep you feeling your best. Don’t return home feeling worn out and bloated. Make choices that allow you to return home glowing with energy and life.

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