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The Health Benefits of Getting a Massage

WELLNESS | Published on 14/09/2018
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A vacation in Mexico is an opportunity to leave the ordinary behind for a chance to rejuvenate your spirit and indulge your senses. The luxury resorts and spas in Riviera Nayarit offer healing traditional therapies in modern, pristine facilities. Enjoying a Nuevo Vallarta massage in a world-class spa is not just a way to pamper yourself. It’s a therapeutic treatment that has a variety of health benefits. In fact, there are several surprising benefits of massage that you can discover when you enjoy a Riviera Nayarit massage.

Massages counteract the stress of sitting

In the modern world, we spend many prolonged periods of time sitting. From driving, to work, to meetings, our body is often sitting in uncomfortable chairs and isn’t moving for stretches of time. This can cause problems with posture and can add stress to the muscles in the back. One of the health benefits of massage is that they work to counteract the strain that sitting brings to your muscles and joints. Additionally, a full body massage can improve your posture as it relieves tension so that you can feel more energetic as you move on your vacation.

Massages increase blood circulation. 

The movements and pressure of a massage stimulate blood flow throughout the body’s entire muscular and cardiac systems. An increase in blood flow is necessary for improving overall well being as blood is better able to transport fresh oxygen and important nutrients throughout the body. Treating yourself to a Riviera Nayarit massage will leave your body feeling stronger and healthier due to the many surprising benefits of massage, which includes strong and healthy circulation.

Massages induce better sleep. 

When you stay at a spa resort in Nuevo Vallarta, you can receive the benefits of massage easily throughout the day. If you’re feeling jet lagged or have difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep, massage therapy before you go to bed will ease your body into sleep by soothing away the stresses of the day and bringing relief to tension in the body. The health benefits you will then receive from a good night’s sleep will extend throughout your day, leaving you ready to explore the natural beauty of Mexico.

Massages boost immunity. 

Another one of the  surprising benefits of massage is that it boosts your immunity by increasing the production of protective white blood cells. These cells will then fight off sick or dangerous cells, leading to faster healing and the prevention of diseases and viruses. The pressure and movement of a full body massage will stimulate the growth of healthy cells to increase your overall wellness. While on a Mexico vacation, a Nuevo Vallarta massage can protect you from falling ill so that you can enjoy all the beauty and adventures to be had.

Massages soothes anxiety and depression. 

There are also mental benefits of massage. The soothing environment, restorative stretching, and scented aromatherapy of a Riviera Nayarit massage can bring mental clarity and relieve anxiety and depression. While it’s not a long-term treatment for serious issues, massage therapy can ease tension for a while to make you feel more confident and calm as you enjoy the beauty of Mexico.

Massage therapy is a common spa treatment because of its many mental and physical healing abilities. 

A full body massage will improve the functioning of your blood and bring tranquility to your mind, making it not just a pampering treat but a truly restorative therapy. The benefits of massage can be felt throughout your entire body and will last as you travel home from your vacation in Nuevo Vallarta.

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