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Riding Back Pain with the Best Massage in Nuevo Vallarta

WELLNESS | Published on 29/06/2018
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Back pain occurs at some point for everyone, whether it's due to a chronic condition, pregnancy, stress, or exercise. For centuries, massages have been used in various cultures for their healing benefits and ability to alleviate back pain. On your next Mexico vacations, you may arrive at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit with pain in your back from stress or traveling, or pain may pop up during your stay as you explore Mexico and go on one of the many Vallarta tours. To treat this ailment, we offer the best massage in Nuevo Vallarta at the Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit. 

Luxury resorts in Mexico are renown for their state-of-the-art spas, and Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa is no exception. The Tatewari Spa, our body and spirit healing sanctuary, is a calm oasis with a tranquil ambiance where our highly trained staff is prepared to apply the healing art of massage to your back using a variety of traditions and innovative techniques. All of the massage treatments at the Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa are designed to deliver healing energy to soothe your discomfort. 

The process of massage releases chemicals in your body such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. These are considered the feel good chemicals that communicate a sense of bliss and peace to the brain. The soothing nature of these chemicals released by the masseuses at the best spa in Nuevo Vallarta can help you experience a more calm and restorative nights sleep. In addition, the motions of massage, stretch and apply pressure to tissues and muscles that decrease tension and increase blood flow, which allows nutrients to be delivered more efficiently to the body to aid the healing process. Massage also increases your range of motion in joints and decreases soreness in muscles. 

Our massages at the Tatewari Spa are designed to rejuvenate your body for a relaxing vacation and our signature Tatewari massage is considered the best massage in Nuevo Vallarta. With a specialized combination of Thai stretching, Chinese medicinal movements, Swedish massage, and sports therapy, the Tatewari massage delivers effective and energizing results. This massage has made the Tatewari Spa the best spa in Nuevo Vallarta, according to those who have already indulged in the exquisite service.

In addition to our signature services, guests can revel in a number of other massages available at the Tatewari Spa. The classic Swedish massage is world famous for its ability to alleviate back pain and restore harmony to the muscles around the spine. By decreasing tension and increasing blood flow, this traditional massage delivers the help needed to remove stress that you've been carrying in your back.

The Puerto Vallarta River Stone Massage, another of the scintillating massages available at Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa, harnesses the power and energy of nature to heal your body and spirit. It makes use of stones that were formed below the earth and have been smoothed by the rivers that flow from the mountains to the sea. Their applications during this mystical massage will expel toxins and relax the nervous system, helping to relieve the ailments that cause back pain.

As the best spa in Nuevo Vallarta, we believe in incorporating the healing techniques of diverse cultures into our practices to provide the best massage in Nuevo Vallarta. Our Herbal Pinda's Aromatic Massage comes from an ancient Indian ritual to not only heal back pain but to awaken the senses and revitalize the spirit through steaming herbal pindas. These pindas are medicinal pillows filled with aromatic herbs, healing plants, and essential oils. The exquisite aroma provided by these natural elements is accompanied by a dry exfoliation to purify the skin of dead cells. As the steam from the pindas opens pores, the massage will rejuvenate the muscles in the back and revitalize the spirit.

Don't let back pain slow you down on your Mexico vacations at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit. Allow our professional staff at the Tatewari Spa to apply the soothing power of massage rooted in tradition and nature to heal your body, mind, and spirit. The tranquil ambiance and distinguished service will leave you feeling restored and renewed as you continue your vacation and return home.

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