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How to Plan a Digital Detox Vacation

WELLNESS | Published on 07/02/2019
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We all know that feeling of scrolling through your phone past mindless ads and disheartening news stories, finally realizing that you’ve wasted too many minutes staring at a screen. Losing time to our phones is even worse when we’re on vacation, when we should be focused on adventure and family. While intentionally planning relaxation into a vacation may seem pointless, preparing to recharge your body on mind will give you a deeper and richer experience on vacation, and one of the best ways to get the most out of your trip is by learning how to take a digital detox vacation. Using these digital detox tips, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing freedom and relaxation.

Envision The Benefits Of Digital Detox Vacations

As you figure out how to plan a digital detox vacation, you’ll need to first recognize why you’re doing it. Many people find that taking digital detox vacations can reduce anxiety and take away the fear of missing out on what other people are doing, freeing you from the competition of getting more likes and from the stunning photos that arouse jealousy and dissatisfaction. You’ll also get a break from vision discomfort and strain when you’re no longer placing a glowing screen in front of your eyes for hours on end. Most importantly though, you can be more active and present on your vacation. Recognizing these benefits of a technology detox will remind you why you’re doing it when it gets tough.

Prepare For Withdrawal

The chime of incoming texts and notifications on our phones stimulates the pleasure center of our brains, making us easily addicted to checking in on social media apps. When it comes to how to take a digital detox vacation, you need to be prepared to experience withdrawal. Don’t deny the fact that it’s hard. Instead, use these ideas for how to take a digital detox vacation to keep you occupied and away from the temptation.

Get Outside During Your Technology Detox

Surrounding yourself with nature is the perfect balance to letting go of your phone. One of the best digital detox tips is to have plenty to do to keep your mind off of your phone, so plan some adventures into the mountains, forests, or beaches during your vacation. When it comes to how to do a digital detox, leave the phone at home, and allow your eyes to capture mental photographs of the breathtaking sights and views you find as you explore the world. You’ll find the air refreshing the physical movement rejuvenating, leaving you more refreshed than time spent scrolling through your phone ever could. As you work on how to plan a digital detox vacation, schedule in hikes, outdoor tours, and long walks to take you into the healing presence of nature.

Focus On Being In The Present

Being present is one of the best digital detox tips, but it can be hard to do. While it may be tempting to share photos of all that you’re doing on vacation, focusing on turning your experiences into Instagram or Facebook posts takes you out of the present and puts your focus onto what other people think. Digital detox vacations are meant to draw you into the present to unwind and destress. Practices like journaling, yoga, and meditation can help with this and bring your focus into the present during your technology detox.

Treat Yourself During Your Digital Detox

 One of the best tips for how to do a digital detox is to treat yourself. Whether you indulge in a gourmet dinner, a day at the spa, or an excursion in paradise, these experiences will bring you into the present, keep your mind off of technology, and reward you for taking a break. While you put together your ideas for how to do a digital detox, remember to be kind to yourself so you feel like you’re taken care of and not just punished for technology addiction.

These digital detox tips will set you up for relaxation on your vacation, but it won’t be easy. There will be moments of temptation when you come face to face with the powerful lure of social media. However, the benefits you receive will make each day easier, and soon you’ll be suggesting to your friends that they look into how to plan a digital detox vacation.

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