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We are Proud to Receive Another Great Wellness Certification for Tatewari Spa

WELLNESS | Published on 11/11/2022
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Tatewari Spa is known for its high standards of quality and service, and few spas in Mexico can compare. From the moment you arrive, its beautiful surroundings and aesthetics transport you to a state of relaxation and peace. Consequently, Tatewari Spa is proud to receive another great certification.

Once you meet our team of beauty experts and therapists, you’ll not only understand why it is considered the best spa in Nuevo Vallarta on TripAdvisor, but you’ll feel the healing effects their magical hands and techniques bring.

It’s more than a spa; Tatewari is a health and wellness center that provides therapies that can renew the body and calm the mind. Whether it's a massage, a beauty ritual, a facial, or a couples' experience, you'll never leave the way you arrive.

Wellness Certification

Thanks to its distinctive qualities, the Latin American Spa Association has invited Tatewari Spa to receive its Wellness Certification, which is awarded by the World Association of Wellness and Medical Tourism.

Tatewari Spa met all the requirements to re-obtain the Health Tourism Certificate and Certificate of Inclusion, both awarded by the Federal Tourism Secretariat to establishments promoting wellness tourism.

In addition, this luxury spa, which is located at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit, will be featured in the Spa & Tourism Wellness Mexico and Latin America annual guide, with official presentations at Termatalia, Europe's most important spa expo. Fitur, the most important international tourism fair that is held every year in Madrid, Spain, will also feature Tatewari Spa in all its glory.

The World Association of Wellness and Medical Tourism

This international non-profit organization aims to promote the growth of wellness tourism, guaranteeing tourists that activities in tourism that are promoted as healthy are undoubtedly healthy.

For this reason, a number of international scientific committees have been established which consist of physicians of all specialties, hospitality experts, and other professionals involved in wellness tourism. They collect evidence regarding activities, food, and products that can be declared in favor of the health and well-being of tourists.

In addition, The World Association of Wellness and Medical Tourism is made up of councilors from several countries, including Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Spain, the USA, France, Panama, Peru, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

The association is also in charge of granting wellness certification to establishments that are related to this type of tourism. After careful analysis, they have awarded Tatewari Spa a certificate bearing the hallmarks of the wellness activities they promote.

Wellness Tourism 

It is increasingly common for travelers to seek experiences that help them improve their physical and mental well-being by doing wellness activities, mostly linked to nature and relaxation, such as a healing spa experience.

Wellness Tourism includes activities, services, facilities, and treatments that are offered to tourists in order to provide them with a state of well-being. The main objective is to restore the balance that every human being should have.

Recently, this modality has been growing significantly worldwide. This is because spa services were once associated with luxury and beauty, while the balance between mind and body is now much more valued. And when you have a health and wellness center like Tatewari Spa that combines all of the above, the result is simply extraordinary.

Not only is it the best spa in the region due to its superb facilities worthy of a sultan, but it specializes in providing guests with a unique experience that transcends into true physical and mental benefits.

During your next visit to Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit, don't forget to pamper yourself at Tatewari Spa, an authentic health and wellness center where every spa experience is destined to restore your body and give you inner peace.

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