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Reasons to Book Your Vacation at a Nuevo Vallarta Spa Resort

WELLNESS | Published on 14/11/2019
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When you travel the world, making a conscious decision about where you’ll stay can help set the tone for your journey. Some accommodations cater to specific vacations: golf resorts, family hotels, jungle bungalows, romantic retreats, eco-lodges, and spa resorts. Booking your vacation at a Nuevo Vallarta spa resort gives you everything you need for a week of bliss, pampering, and wellness. From elegant spas to wellness activities, these perks of Nuevo Vallarta vacation packages create the best spa vacations.

Luxurious and Healing Spas

One of the best spas you can treat yourself to on Nuevo Vallarta vacations is the Tatewari Spa, an oasis of peace and healing where you’ll feel renewed and relaxed. Spa vacation packages here offer so much more than the latest spa services. Ancient healing traditions and modern techniques are melded together at Tatewari Spa to deliver relief to both your physical body and your spirit. With the soothing ambiance of Tatewari Spa and the aroma of natural oils and ingredients used in treatments, you’ll feel the benefits of the best spa vacations throughout all your senses.

Wellness Activities

The services and amenities in all inclusive spa vacations include access to resort activities, and in many of the Nuevo Vallarta vacation packages, you’ll have access to elite gyms, on-site games, and non-motorized water sports, like kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. During the best spa vacations, being active and soaking up the fresh air will keep you feeling energized and strong. Take advantage of the wellness activities in your spa vacation packages for a vacation full of health and healing.

The Beach

The ocean is one of the main attractions in Nuevo Vallarta vacations, and if your body and soul need healing, the sea is the place to be. While you can be active on the coast with walks along the shore and water sport activities, the sea has a calming energy that is perfect for all inclusive spa vacations. Soak up the views from your sumptuous suite or enjoy blissful meditation on the shores. The sound of the waves and the scent of saltwater will wash away stress and calm your soul, lulling you to sleep every night.

Gourmet and Healthy Dining

All inclusive spa vacations include dining options ranging from light deli bites to gourmet dinners. Take advantage of the healthy and gourmet options in your spa vacation packages, and you won’t be disappointed. While burgers and fries may be tempting, the unique salads and authentic Mexican dishes prepared by gourmet chefs will dazzle your palate and satisfy your stomach. Taking care of your body from the inside out is important every day, but you can also treat yourself to hot churros or tangy margaritas on your Nuevo Vallarta vacations. 

With these tantalizing reasons to book a spa vacation, it’s important to remember the main benefits: a healthy mind and body. As the gentle stretching soothing oils of spa services clear away physical and mental stress, take full advantage of everything offered in Nuevo Vallarta vacation packages, and you’ll return home feeling renewed and ready to live refreshed.

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