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5 Best Healthy Activities to Start the New Year 2022 to the Fullest

WELLNESS | Published on 18/01/2022
Optimizada new year fitness resolutions

Every year when the clock strikes midnight, people all over the world make New Year resolutions, inspiring themselves to grow and live life to its fullest, and while it may be easy to come up with some quick ideas, like losing weight or saving more money, it’s important to take time to envision your year and think about what healthy habits you can establish. Everyone’s healthy New Year’s resolutions will be different, but these are some wellness activities that can help most people. Let these well being tips inspire your 2022.

1. Practice Mindfulness

Health and wellness isn’t just about diet and exercise. Without a strong and present mindset, you won’t be able to truly live life to its fullest or accomplish any New Year resolution. There are a variety of healthy habits that will improve your mindfulness, so take time to find the one that suits you. Journaling, meditation, setting intentions, and even drinking tea can be wellness activities that calm your mind, and by establishing it as a daily routine, you’ll start to see growth.

2. Prioritize Hydration

After all the holiday treats and drinks, one of the best well being tips is to prioritize hydration. Some reach their hydration goals by getting a large water bottle with the hours of the day written on it, and others opt to replace soda pop with sparkling water. These healthy habits will make you feel stronger, improve your skin, and rid your body of toxins.

3. Get Moving

Exercising more is one of the most common healthy New Year’s resolutions, and one of the most commonly forgotten. Gyms typically see a spike in membership in January, but by February, many of them are back to normal. The key to making this your New Year resolution is to find the wellness activities that you love to do. Maybe it’s walking in the evening while listening to a podcast, or maybe you love going to a weekly yoga class with a friend. Whether it’s high intensity or just simple movement, getting regular exercise improves your cardiovascular health and strengthens your joints.

4. Fuel Your Body

There’s no better way to feel stronger and healthier than by fueling your body with vitamins and nutrients from your food. One of the simplest well being tips for this is to make your meal colorful. Add vibrant red bell peppers and dark leafy greens to your meal, minimizing the simple grains and starches. Another popular trend in health and wellness is meatless Mondays, giving you the chance to prioritize fruits and vegetables while making a sustainable impact.

5. Organize Your Life

To stick to your healthy New Year’s resolutions, you need to get organized and make a plan. Spruce up the world around you by decluttering your home and giving it a good cleaning. Then, use a fresh planner or calendar to plan out your health and wellness. Use it to make a meal plan for each week or to schedule your time at the gym. Without a plan, your resolutions are just dreams.

The key to making these healthy New Year’s resolutions stick is to find what makes you feel happy. There’s no one size fits all for personal growth. Whether you find yourself journaling every night before bed or waking up early to go swim laps at the pool, discover what makes your body and mind feel stronger this year.

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