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Islas Marietas National Park: Excursions that Put You in Contact with Nature

DESTINATION | Published on 05/10/2020
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Islas Marietas, or the Marieta Islands, are hidden gems along Riviera Nayarit’s coastline. While you can see them from the northern half of the Bay of Banderas, few travelers know why the Marieta Islands Mexico are so famous. Not only is taking an Islas Marietas tour the ideal way to spend a day of vacation, but it also gives you the chance to discover the secrets that lie out at sea: the hidden beach and the blue-footed booby birds. On your next Mexico vacation, sail out to these islands to explore more of the country’s natural beauty.

Off the coast of Riviera Nayarit, these two uninhabited islands have withstood winds and waves for thousands of years. Their quiet seclusion made them a testing spot for the Mexican military in the 1900s, which included using them as a target for bombing practice. Thankfully, the work of naturalists, including Jacques Cousteau, in the 1960s protected the Marieta Islands Mexico from further testing. By creating the Islas Marietas National Park, fishing and human activity became limited on the island, allowing the wildlife to build their home and prosper in safety. However, the military testing wasn’t all bad given that it created the Marieta Islands hidden beach, one of the most famous hidden beaches in the world.

The Marieta Islands hidden beach is underneath a crater in the surface of the island, a hole through which you can see turquoise water lapping against golden sand. To get onto the Marieta Islands hidden beach, or Lover’s Beach, visitors have to swim under an arch of the rocky cliffs that make up the island. However, because the Islas Marietas National Park is a protected marine zone, there’s a limit to how many people can visit the hidden beach each day. If visiting Lover’s Beach, the best hidden beach Mexico has, is on your bucket list, you’ll want to make sure to book your Islas Marietas tour in advance.

When you take an Islas Marietas Nayarit tour, you’ll have a day of adventure at sea. Begin by sailing across the bay, and keep your eyes open for dolphins and whales splashing in the water. Once you reach the island, you’ll sail around to spot the famous blue-footed booby birds. While the Galapagos Islands are famous for being home to these birds, the Marieta Islands Mexico is one of the few other places where they’re found. Many Islas Marietas tour options include the chance to snorkel at the islands, and the craggy rocks are the ideal place to spot angelfish, damselfish, and parrot fish. As you compare options for the perfect Islas Marietas Nayarit tour, be sure to read through all the included activities and to check if the tour includes entrance onto the most famous hidden beach Mexico has. It’s also important to note that these official tour companies work with the government to make sure their activities don’t disrupt or harm the natural environment.

Taking a Islas Marietas Nayarit tour gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the most incredible hidden beach Mexico has. Because Islas Marietas National Park is a protected environment, it’s important to book your tour early and make sure you’re exploring the islands with an official tour company, and since entrance to the hidden beach is closely monitored, you can’t simply hire your own boat and captain to take you out there. However, when you walk along the secluded shore of Lover’s Beach, you’ll feel more connected with the serenity and beauty of nature.

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