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Activities Perfect for a Beach Workout on Your Vacation

WELLNESS | Published on 01/04/2022
Optimizada beach soccer

While most resorts have fitness centers, there’s no better option for exercising on vacation than workouts on the beach. Most coastal cities offer different beach workout classes, but there are several things to do at the beach on your own that will get your heart rate pumping. With these activities for beach vacation exercise, you’ll burn a few calories while enjoying the fresh air and tropical views.


Yoga is one of the most popular beach workout options, especially at sunrise. The tranquility of the ocean and the gentle sound of crashing waves are the perfect backdrop for the meditation and stretching of yoga. Take advantage of classes offered by your resort, or pull up a yoga video on your phone to begin your day with mindful movement.


Paddleboarding provides fun beach body workouts, requiring your core to keep you upright, your legs to stay balanced, and your arms for paddling. In most cities, this is one of the best things to do at the beach in the morning before the wind picks up. Take it nice and easy for some peaceful movement, or paddle swiftly to get your heart rate up.

Body Weight Exercises

For more traditional beach body workouts, set a one-minute timer, and rotate through a series of body-weight exercises for as long as you want. With this DIY plan, you can workout for 15 minutes or an hour. Burpees, squat jumps, plank holds, push ups, lunges, and crunches are just a few simple things to do at the beach without any equipment.

Beach Volleyball

Friends playing volleyball on the beach

Workouts at the beach don’t have to be boring. Add a little competition with a round of beach volleyball. While you’ll need some others to join you for this, it’s a fun way to spend time with family and friends. Beach volleyball requires quick movements, and by the end, you’ll be breathing hard while enjoying one of the most popular activities for beach vacation exercise.

Walk or Jog

Take in all the beauty of the beach while going for a walk or a run, and since the directions are easy, you can focus on admiring the views. Pushing against the sand makes walking or running on the beach more challenging, and since you’ll find yourself engaging different muscles for this beach workout, don’t forget to stretch afterwards.


Almost every beachgoer takes a dip in the ocean at some point, but you can also have incredibly invigorating beach body workouts in the water. Swimming up and down the length of the shore is a full body workout, and to give some fresh variety to your routine, add in a few minutes of actively treading the water.


Kayaking on the beach

Kayaking is one of the most popular activities for beach vacation exercise, and while you can take a leisurely paddle out at sea, you can engage your muscles and build in cardio while kayaking. For those with knee injuries, this is a perfect low-impact sport to try, and along the way, you can pop in the water to cool off or snorkel around rock formations.


Playing sports is always a fun way to hang out with friends while exercising, and soccer is one of the best workouts on the beach. Being in the sand makes it feel less competitive than it would on a field, but moving quickly and running on the sand adds an additional challenge that will work up a sweat. 

Whether you want a traditional HIIT cardio workout or you want to try new watersports, these activities allow you to soak up the beauty of the ocean while burning some calories. After workouts on the beach, refuel with some tropical fruits and plenty of cold water.

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