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Puerto Vallarta Earns 1st Place as a Wedding Destination by

WEDDINGS | Published on 07/06/2021
Optimizada the best places for a destination wedding

For many couples, their dream wedding venues are tropical and exotic destinations where loved ones can come together for a week of vacationing and celebrating love. With more and more young adults embracing travel, they’re also seeing how all inclusive wedding venues make it easy to plan a ceremony on the beaches of Mexico. There’s plenty of gorgeous locations all along the coasts, but if you’re looking for the best place for destination wedding celebrations, set your sights on Puerto Vallarta. has recently rated Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as the best location to make beach dream weddings come true, and as you start to explore what a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta looks like, you’ll quickly see how you can combine all your destination wedding ideas with the city’s natural beauty and culture.

The Beauty and Excitement of a Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding

As you walk along the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta, the ocean breeze is filled with romance and the sound of waves crashing along the shores. It’s a city that naturally inspires love, but it’s also a destination with plenty to do during the days leading up to the wedding, which is part of what you need to consider when looking for dream wedding venues. With guests traveling, they’ll likely want to spend a few days in town, and one of the best destination wedding ideas is to take advantage of this and organize a few family activities. In the days leading up to your Puerto Vallarta destination wedding, head out to sea for a snorkeling expedition, or organize the family into teams for a beach volleyball tournament.

All Inclusive Wedding Venues

Typically, planning a wedding can be very stressful, and the idea of going through this process in a foreign country can seem impossible, but with the right dream wedding venues, it can actually be easier and more affordable than planning it in your hometown. The resorts in Puerto Vallarta are all inclusive wedding venues with packages designed to give you everything you need for the perfect day with different options that can fit any budget. At these resorts, you’ll find the best place for destination wedding celebrations: sandy shores facing the sunset and elegant facilities with gourmet food and drinks. The best inclusion in these packages is the services of one of the resort’s wedding planners whose expertise and connections will simplify the whole process of planning a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta.

Personalizing Beach Dream Weddings

A Puerto Vallarta destination wedding is a popular choice for couples, but no two events are the same. As you look online, you’ll find destination wedding ideas for personalizing your invitations, decor, and festivities, and your wedding planner will be able to help make your dreams a reality. Whether you want to include a particular unity ceremony or hire a live mariachi band for the reception, they’ll know just who to contact in Puerto Vallarta to make it happen. Plus, they’ll have some of their own suggestions for making your destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta unique to your love story.

Of all the romantic destinations in the world, believes that Puerto Vallarta is truly the best place for destination wedding celebrations, and as you start your planning, you’ll see why. With so many elegant resorts and a variety of adventures waiting, beach dream weddings become realities every day in Puerto Vallarta.

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