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Mexico Travel Warning: Is Nuevo Vallarta Safe?

NEWS | Published on 25/08/2020
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Nuevo Vallarta is one of the quickly growing tourist destinations in Mexico, a tropical city perfect for everything from family vacations to romantic getaways. As you start to dream about a trip to paradise, you’ll probably wonder—is Nuevo Vallarta safe? Because many cities have a Mexico travel advisory from the US government, it’s smart to do your research before traveling, and as you read about how safe is Nuevo Vallarta, you’ll discover that it’s a tranquil and secure destination for both tourists and locals.

Where can Americans Travel This Summer?

This year, some of the biggest news to make headlines have been border closures and travel bans, and in spring, newscasters started talking about a new Mexico travel advisory, causing people to wonder “Is it safe to travel to Nuevo Vallarta Mexico?”.

The current Mexico travel warning only applies to land crossings at the border, to those crossing by foot or in cars. There is no Mexico travel advisory for airfare, keeping popular destinations for international travelers open - Cities like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, and the Islands of Loreto are welcoming national and international flights.

The Mexico travel warning from the US Department of State for these destinations is brief and does not include restrictions on travel for government employees or civilians.

Is it Safe to Travel to Nuevo Vallarta Mexico?

Yes, Nuevo Vallarta and other coastal cities are leading the country in safety at the current moment. Now that Mexico has made it through the peak of the pandemic, governments and businesses are reopening and they continue to apply strict preventive protocols.

With tourism holding such a strong role in the nation’s economy, coastal destinations, such as Nuevo Vallarta, have made it their goal to remain completely safe for tourists. In fact, many of these cities have received the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council, giving travelers confidence when booking their vacations. 

While it is true that some larger urban cities in the state of Nayarit, where Nuevo Vallarta is located, made the Mexico travel advisory, the quiet coastal town did not. When it comes to answering the question, is it safe to travel to Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, visitors should know that there is no Mexico travel warning for Riviera Nayarit or the Bay of Banderas “There are no restrictions on travel for U.S government employees to: Riviera Nayarit (including Nuevo Vallarta, Punta Mita, and Bahia de Banderas).”

Because there’s no Nuevo Vallarta travel advisory, travelers from around the world make this their paradise escape and have the confidence that the community will maintain its warm hospitality and security, proving just how safe is Nuevo Vallarta. 

Is Nuevo Vallarta Safe If I Want to Explore Nearby Areas?

Throughout Nuevo Vallarta, tourists can expect to be treated with kindness and courtesy as they stop at the local taco stand or go for a jog on the bike walk. In the main areas of the city where you might want to visit, locals and visitors bustle about between restaurants and shops, greeting each other and enjoying the pleasant weather.

With no Nuevo Vallarta travel advisory, people of all ages and genders run and walk under the shade of the palm trees that line the bike path, making it easy to see for yourself how safe is Nuevo Vallarta.

Even if you wander away from the popular areas of town, you’re unlikely to encounter problems. Because the city’s economy is based on tourism, the community is dedicated to making sure visitors don’t have to worry “Is Nuevo Vallarta safe?” Here, tourists from around the world are welcomed into the warm hospitality and culture of the city. 

How Can I Stay Safe on my Mexico Vacation?

Because there is no Nuevo Vallarta travel advisory, most visitors feel secure and comfortable on vacation here, although you will still want to use common sense when out and about and follow recommended safety tips.

Right now, one of the best safety tips for your Mexico vacation is basing your plans around places that have received the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), an award that highlights the ongoing efforts to keep visitors and the local community safe from the Coronavirus. The destinations, such as Riviera Nayarit, that have received the stamp are following the best guidelines from world health experts.

In addition, some resorts, such as Villa La Estancia, have also been given the WTTC recognition and have even created their own Safe Stay - Care Commitment so that their guests and staff feel more secure than ever. 

If you’re looking to bury your feet in the sand on the sunny shores of Mexico, take advice from the many tourists who have already visited the top resorts in Mexico this year. So many have left reviews detailing their experiences and the safety they’ve encountered that it is hard to believe a Mexico travel warning even exists. Much like any time you travel, be aware of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions for your own safety, but don’t let fear get in the way of having an amazing time on your vacation.

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