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New Trends in Travel and Tourism

NEWS | Published on 26/06/2020
Optimizada travel and tourism trends

The new travel trends for 2020 are shaped by how we see the world. In light of the recent pandemic, threats to the environment, and racial inequalities, travel trends news is full of people choosing travel as a chance to grow, care for their health, and make a difference in the environment. These tourism trends can be found in the top travel destinations around the world as well as in smaller communities. As these travel trends and insights become more popular, people will continue to discover how traveling and stepping into the unknown can be a catalyst for growth.

Solo Travel

More and more, people are embarking on solo travel. Often inspired by books, like Eat, Pray, Love and Wild, this is one of the travel and tourism trends that has become increasingly popular with women. With the connectivity of the modern age, more solo travelers feel safe venturing out into the world, knowing that help is just a click or call away. When they come back filled with stories of the exotic and life-changing events that happened, they inspire others with their travel trends news to head out on their own. Some of the top travel destinations for solo adventurers are Thailand, Mexico, and the Czech Republic. 

Eco Travel

Whether you’re traveling solo or with your whole family, one of the other new travel trends for 2020 to participate in is environmentally-conscious travel. These travel industry trends range from packing your own reusable bottles, shopping bags, and toiletries to participating in eco-friendly tours. In many of the top travel destinations, choose biking and hiking tours, and take time to visit nationally protected land and marine parks. These activities have a smaller ecological impact and get you some good exercise during your trip.


The travel industry trends are also impacted by the recent pandemic, and with restaurants limited in their capacity, summer picnicking is on the rise. Like other new travel trends for 2020, this trend also gets people more in touch with nature. While picnicking, you save money by picking up food at the grocery store, enjoy the fresh air, and have a scenic view you couldn’t find in a restaurant. 

Socially Distant Activities

With many public spaces, museums, and galleries closed this summer, travel and tourism trends will lean more towards smaller activities. To practice social distancing, travelers will opt to be outside, kayaking, hiking, cycling, and paddleboarding. Other socially distant activities that could become travel industry trends include scuba diving and frisbee golf. 

Local Experiences

Travel trends and insights have always shown that exploring the world helps travelers learn about other people, making them more empathetic and compassionate to those around them. To get a glimpse of another way of life, travelers are getting out of the hotel pool and discovering local experiences in their destinations. Because of this, cooking classes, tours to smaller towns, and volunteer opportunities are becoming travel and tourism trends. 

These travel trends and insights inspire travelers to make a difference in the world and in their own hearts. As they learn about different cultures and explore the natural beauty of the world, they’re making travel trends news. By adding some of these trends into your next trip, you won’t just be doing what’s considered cool. You’ll be making a difference.

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