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La Casona Restaurant has received the Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator

NEWS | Published on 29/06/2022
Optimizada la casona restaurant earns award of excellence by wine spectator

For the second consecutive year, La Casona Restaurant at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit has been recognized by Wine Spectator Magazine with its Award of Excellence. Seeing a plaque with this recognition at the entrance or its stamp on the menu is a sign that the establishment is considered among the best restaurants in the world.

La Casona Restaurant has long been number one in Tripadvisor's ranking of the best restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta, so it’s not at all surprising that it is one of the award winners of this renowned magazine. This time, the award is mainly due to its wine program, but it is not the only reason. To be a contender, you must offer an exceptional dining experience.

The Wine Spectator Magazine

The main purpose of this publication is to taste wines around the world and find the best. Wine Spectator editors analyze more than 15,000 wines each year via blind tastings. Each issue of the magazine features 400 to 1,000 wine reviews with detailed tasting notes and drink recommendations.

It should be noted that Wine Spectator tasters are not just wine enthusiasts. Strict standards are set that certify the capacity and experience of their editors as tasters and critics, following specific protocols to maintain the integrity of their tastings.

Tastings are held at their offices in New York, Napa, and the wine regions of Europe. Each office has tasting rooms and staff to coordinate these tastings. European tastings take place in different places but are also organized by the Wine Spectator’s staff.

Each publisher generally covers the same wine regions each year. Their itineraries remain constant, allowing each leading taster to develop experience in the region's wines. Occasionally, other tasters may participate in blind tastings and evaluations to help confirm impressions.

Blind tastings

There is a reason why the statue of justice is represented by a blindfolded woman. Fairness is crucial to equality; this maxim is the basis for wine evaluation in Wine Spectator. The evaluation of wines while being blindfolded ensures that the tasters remain impartial, therefore, each wine is presented under the same conditions and judged accordingly.

The Award of Excellence

In addition to qualifying wines, Wine Spectator also devotes part of its efforts to locating restaurants that stand out for its wine program. Having been one of the award winners last year, La Casona Restaurant was automatically considered for an evaluation this year.

The Wine Spectator Award of Excellence is awarded to the best restaurants that have a carefully selected wine list, with diverse high-quality options, compatible with the style and price of the menu. This year, only 1782 restaurants around the world gained this recognition.

But as we said at the beginning, theevaluators focus not only on the wine program but on the overall dining experience it offers its patrons. They value things like having a menu that matches the wines, trained wine staff to provide expert assistance in pairing with dishes, and the community being given the opportunity to learn more through dinners with their selected wine cellars.

For example, on June 21, La Casona Restaurant hosted a pairing dinner with Casa Madero wines. Chef Jetzabel Rojas created a special 4-course menu and prepared each dish with fresh local ingredients, and Sommelier, Alberto Fuerte, was in charge of the pairing at La Casona’s gourmet dining experience.

La Casonais one of the award winners due to meeting all the requirements of Wine Spectator. Thus, earning its rightful place as one of the best restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta. Like everything at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit, warmth and exquisite splendor are exuding at every turn, therefore, creating an atmosphere that invites you to meet and share moments that are cherished in your heart.

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