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Mexican Mothers Day: How Mexico Celebrates Mother's Day

LIFESTYLE | Published on 02/05/2022
Optimizada mother and daughter celebrating mothers day on the beach

Of all the holidays in May that usher in the arrival of summer, there’s one that stands out. Mother’s Day is a meaningful holiday that honors the women in our lives who have made sacrifices and supported us, and while the holiday dates back to early Christian festivals, it has spread around the world. Mother’s Day in Mexico reflects the culture’s familial values and Catholic heritage. While the celebration looks similar to those in the US, there are a few distinct Mexican traditions to honor mothers in May.

The Beginnings of Mother’s Day in Mexico

Ancient cultures and religions held women and goddesses in high respect, and as Christianity spread throughout the world, this translated to honoring the Virgin Mary and returning to home churches on Mothering Sunday. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the official Mother’s Day holiday began to spread throughout the US, and in 1922, a Mexican journalist named Rafael Alducín advocated for it to be a national holiday in Mexico. To this day, it’s a national holiday that’s celebrated in homes and communities all over the country. While there are a number of Mexican holidays in May, Mexican Mothers Day reflects the most important values in the country.

When is Mother’s Day in Mexico?

In the US, Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May, meaning that the date always changes in the US, but the date for Mother’s Day in Mexico is always the same: May 10. When Mother’s Day in Mexico began, this was considered payday for most citizens, giving families throughout the country the means to splurge on a special celebration. While Mother’s Day in Mexico doesn’t always fall on the weekend, families still find special ways to celebrate. No matter what day of the week Mexican Mothers Day falls on, it’s a day set apart to honor women for all they do for their families.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Mexico

Mexican traditions for Mother’s Day are similar to those in the US: family brunch, flowers, and gifts. However, how to celebrate Mother’s Day in Mexico often includes mariachi serenades, special mass services, and performances at schools, especially when Mother’s Day falls during the week. In the weeks leading up to Mexican Mothers Day, stores will start advertising sales, schools will start to organize musical numbers, and restaurant reservations will start to book up. From homemade cards to expensive perfumes and bouquets of flowers, there are a million ways Mexicans honor all that mothers do in May. 

There are a number of Mexican traditions and holidays in May, Mother’s Day is the most meaningful one, honoring the women at the foundation of families. The different ways families plan how to celebrate Mother’s Day in Mexico range from elegant brunches to children’s pageants, but what’s most important is showing moms how much we love, honor, and respect their roles in the family. No matter what country you’re in, take time this May to celebrate Mom and continue to build family memories together.

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