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Does Mexico Celebrate Thanksgiving?

LIFESTYLE | Published on 13/11/2022
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As more people travel back and forth between Mexico and the US, many people ask “Does Mexico celebrate Thanksgiving?” While it’s not one of the common traditions in Mexico, the close bond between the country and her neighbors to the north have helped spread this tradition. If you’re traveling in November, you can enjoy a Mexican Thanksgiving along the country’s stunning beaches, giving you one more thing to be thankful for this year.

Does Mexico Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Traditionally, Mexicans do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but in many of the destinations with large expat communities or tourism, you’ll find restaurants preparing feasts and families and friends joining in borrowed traditions around dinner tables. While Thanksgiving isn't one of the common traditions in Mexico, you’ll still see people carving turkeys, giving thanks, and hosting get-togethers on the third Thursday in November. If you’re staying at one of the resorts in Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, or Cabo San Lucas, you’ll probably find events geared toward celebrating the holiday.

Traveling in Mexico During Thanksgiving

Most Americans have time off work for Thanksgiving, and for travelers visiting Mexico during the holidays, most resorts host Thanksgiving dinners, giving guests the chance to savor traditional favorites without the stress of cooking and cleaning, allowing you to focus on spending time with your loved ones. Afterwards, enjoy a long stroll on the beach in the warm weather. As you make your vacation plans, check out what local resorts and restaurants are doing to celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico.

Mexican Thanksgiving Food

Because the holiday originated in the US, Mexican Thanksgiving food includes turkey and roasted vegetables, and at international resorts and in major tourist destinations, the menus will reflect the customs that guests are used to. However, like other Mexican holidays and traditions, it’s a time to eat traditional dishes like pozole, mole enchiladas, and tortilla soup, and in the coming years, you just might want to add these flavorful dishes to your holiday spread. However, no matter what you eat, the most important part of the dinner is taking time to give thanks.

Autumn Mexican Holidays and Traditions

There are several common traditions in Mexico celebrated in the fall. In September, the country celebrates its independence with the biggest festival of the year. Later in November, the country remembers the revolution that helped establish the country’s government after its independence. One of the most iconic Mexican holidays and traditions is Dia de los Muertos, a day that honors those who have passed away and that’s filled with vibrant colors and festivities. Experiencing these more traditional holidays will give you a rich taste of Mexican culture.

When you ask “Does Mexico celebrate Thanksgiving?”, the common answer is that it’s not one of the country’s main traditions, but because of their close relationship with the US, many families and communities celebrate the holiday, some with traditional menus and others with unique Mexican Thanksgiving food. If you’re traveling to Mexico during Thanksgiving, you’ll be able to have your holiday favorites while experiencing new traditions on the tropical beaches of Mexico.

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