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The best 7 Indoor Plants Easy to Care for at Home

LIFESTYLE | Published on 08/06/2020
Optimizada easy care indoor plants

While decorating with houseplants is one of the latest trends, finding the right easy care indoor plants for you will keep your house from filling with dead leaves and keep you from constantly returning to the garden shop. These indoor houseplants are easy to keep alive since they don’t need lots, or any, direct sunlight, and these different types of indoor plants can be found at most hardware or garden stores. 

1. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are easy care indoor plants. Originally found in tropical jungles, they grow underneath a canopy of trees, meaning that they thrive on indirect sunlight. Putting them in a room with sunlight but not in front of the window is best for bromeliads, and they look great on a plant stand indoor and in the corner of a room. Since they are tropical plants from humid climates, give them plenty of water, filling up the cup-like formations in their leaves.

2. Snake Plants

Snake plants are some of the best indoor plantsfor home decor because they thrive when you forget about them. If you don’t have a green thumb but want to try decorating with houseplants, this is your best choice. Before watering these indoor houseplants, let the soil go dry. Like bromeliads, they also do well with indirect sunlight, but with their vibrant and strikingly tall green leaves, they brighten up any room. They’re also one of the types of indoor plants that naturally help filter the air. 

3. Succulents

There’s a wide variety of succulents, and the ones that make the best indoor plants are the green ones. If you place them in direct sunlight by a bright window, they’ll thrive and be easy care indoor plants. Succulents are one of the types of indoor plants that do best when you let the soil dry out for a couple of days between waterings.

4. Cacti

Cacti are some of the strongest indoor houseplants that can survive being left alone while you’re on vacation. These easy care houseplants enjoy bright sunlight, but too much direct light can scorch them. During the spring and summer growing season, you’ll want to regularly water your cacti, but during the winter, you’ll only need to occasionally add a little water to the pot. 

5. Philodendron

Philodendron are great indoor hanging plants with long vines cascading over the sides, and they’re also easy care houseplants that’ll let you know when they’re getting not enough water. While older leaves will often turn a little yellow, a couple waterings each week will keep a philodendron plant healthy and green. These indoor hanging plants love indirect sunlight but can do well in most locations in your house. If the leaves start turning brown, just adjust its location. Philodendron is one of the best choices for decorating with houseplants because you can trail the vines throughout a space, and you can easily replant a cutting to keep growing more indoor plants for home decor.

6. Peace Lily

While they’re not true lilies, peace lilies are beautiful indoor plants for home decorating. They’re also considered one of the best indoor plants because they help filter the air, but because they’re toxic to dogs and cats, put your peace lily on a plant stand indoor to keep it out of reach. They’re one of the few easy care houseplants that survives best in partial shade, and they can even thrive in a room without windows. Regular waterings keep the leaves perky and green, but if you forget to water for a while, a fresh watering will perk it right back up. 

7. Rubber Plant

A rubber plant can be kept small on a plant stand indoor or grow into a large indoor tree depending on its pot size. During the summer growing months, you’ll want to keep your rubber plant moist with regular waterings or even by spritzing the plant with water from a spray bottle. Put your rubber plant somewhere it can soak up indirect light, and if you notice the leaves losing their luster, simply give it more light.

Filling up your home with indoor hanging plants and pots of greenery help to bring the tranquility of nature into any room. They’ll make your home more relaxing and inviting, and it’s a low-cost way to decorate. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or not, most of these plants will adapt easily to your home.

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