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What to eat for breakfast in Nuevo Vallarta

DINING | Published on 18/09/2019
Optimizada breakfast in nuevo vallarta

The only thing better than sleeping in on vacation is having delicious authentic Mexican food in Puerto Vallarta for breakfast. Whether you’re staying in Nuevo Vallarta or Puerto Vallarta, starting your day with a hearty and healthy breakfast will have you ready for the adventures that await you. Eating healthy breakfast dishes gives you energy and jumpstarts your metabolism, so instead of rushing through the most important meal of the day or just grabbing a muffin to go, try these breakfast ideas on your next vacation.


While most people think of having authentic Mexican food in Puerto Vallarta for dinner, there are also delicious breakfast choices. For the best breakfast in Puerto Vallarta, order a plate of chilaquiles with eggs, chicken, or steak. Chilaquiles are thick tortilla chips that have been cooked in salsa until they are soft and soaked in flavor. Traditionally, these breakfast dishes are topped with sour cream and cheese along with eggs or meat for a touch of protein, and you can easily find them in the best breakfast places in Puerto Vallarta. 

Fresh Fruit

Acquiring tropical fruit throughout the year is difficult in some countries, but in Mexico, fresh fruit accompanies most breakfast dishes. Adding a colorful scoop of pineapple or slices of mango to your plate at breakfast isn’t just a healthy option; it’s also naturally sweet and tasty. At the best breakfast places in Puerto Vallarta, you can order a side of seasonal fruit with your eggs or pancakes. To make fresh fruit more filling, mixing in yogurt, granola, or cereal are some of the most wholesome breakfast ideas. 

Breakfast Burritos and Tacos

A Vallarta burrito isn’t just for dinner. When it comes to authentic Mexican food in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, burritos and tacos are a morning staple for local families. The best breakfast places in Puerto Vallarta are sometimes just local street vendors known for their tacos dorados with juicy meat wrapped in crisp-fried tortillas or tacos de birria, a taco filled with beef or goat meat that has been roasted in a delicious sauce. For a more traditional Vallarta burrito, fill the tortilla with eggs, tomatoes, and sausage. 

Fresh Juice and Agua Fresca

For the best breakfast in Puerto Vallarta, most people grab a coffee, but fresh fruit juices and aguas frescas are also popular breakfast ideas. Here, orange juice is freshly squeezed with a light amount of pulp left in to help your body digest the sugar. Similarly, agua fresca is made with real fruit juice, but it’s watered down into a fruit-flavored water. Whether you order a Vallarta burrito or plate of chilaquiles, agua fresca is refreshing and hydrating. Before stepping out into the sun, drink a tall glass of fruit-flavored water to keep you comfortable and safe. 

Everyone has their own preference for the best breakfast in Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta, and while you could just order waffles or pour a bowl of cereal, these Mexican favorites are an important part of the culture. Give your day a powerful start with these authentic Mexican breakfast dishes and feel energized to discover adventure all day long.

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