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The 5 Best Christmas Drinks

DINING | Published on 11/12/2023
Optimizada best drinks to celebrate christmas

Laughter, carols, and seasonal drinks for Christmas are the perfect ingredients for a merry holiday with the ones you love. When you celebrate Christmas in Riviera Nayarit, your holiday season will have an extra splash of sunshine and a sprinkling of serenity, and you’ll find the city to be just as festive as back home but without the rushing around and stress of the holidays.

As you enjoy relaxing around the dinner table or watching the sunset, try these cocktails for Christmas. Instead of ordering your usual margarita or cold cerveza, these drinks to celebrate Christmas will bring back memories of Christmases past with their savory spices and will warm your heart with cheer.

1. Rompope

When you’re celebrating Christmas in Mexico, it’s the perfect time to try the local holiday drinks that are hard to find the rest of the year. Throughout Mexico and Central America, rompope is one of the fragrant and decadent cocktails for Christmas. Made with egg yolks, milk, vanilla, and rum, it’s similar to traditional eggnog. While legend has it that nuns in Puebla first made rompope, its boozy popularity as one of the best drinks for Christmas is still strong today.

2. Eggnog

One of the classic Christmas cocktail ideas is eggnog, a traditional holiday favorite in the United States and Canada. Similar to rompope, eggnog is made with milk and egg yolks, but it also has cream, sugar, and whipped egg whites, giving it a frothy texture. To make this into one of the seasonal cocktails for Christmas, mix in a splash or two of rum, brandy, bourbon, or whiskey. If you’re traveling and can’t take the time to cook and mix it on your own, many stores during Christmas in Mexico will sell premade bottles of this boozy beverage.

3. Noche Buena

For those who don’t prefer the stronger drinks to celebrate Christmas, pick up a pack of Noche Buena, a seasonal beer crafted by Bohemia, a Mexican brewery owned by Heineken. With notes of caramel, chocolate, and toasted malts, it’s one of the best Mexican drinks for Christmas, and it’s easy to spot around town with a festive poinsettia on the label.

4. Ponche

Around the world, variations of Christmas punch will be making appearances at holiday parties, and for Christmas in Riviera Nayarit, ponche will be a guest at many local posadas. As one of the most popular Christmas cocktail ideas in Mexico, it’s made with a variety of national fruits, including, tejocotes, guava, apples, and pears and spiked with rum or other liquor after the fruit has been steeped on the stove top. Once it’s cooled, the aromatic spices of this Christmas punch will have you feeling festive and nostalgic.

5. Chocolate Caliente

Despite the pleasant warmth of Christmas in Riviera Nayarit, hot chocolate is always a favorite, especially on a chilly morning before the sun warms the sea. In Mexico, hot chocolate beverages have been a part of the culture since the days of the Mayan and Aztec empires. During Christmas in Mexico, you can savor the warmth and aromas of the local hot chocolate with its extra touch of cinnamon and chiles, drinking it for breakfast with a sweet pastry. For one of the richest tasting Christmas cocktail ideas, add a shot of Mexican Kahlua to your mug.

These drinks to celebrate Christmas are loved this time of year in families’ home and at holiday parties across Mexico. From eggnog to Christmas punch, these savory cocktails with their aromatic spices will evoke memories of Christmases long, long ago, of holidays spent around the fireplace, and of family and friends coming together.

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