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The Perfect Michelada on Your Nuevo Vallarta Vacation

DINING | Published on 17/10/2018
The perfect michelada on your nuevo vallarta vacation

One of the most popular drinks to try in Mexico, whose popularity is spreading to the United States and Canada, is a michelada. What is a michelada? It’s a spicy beer cocktail that is often drunk in Mexico as a hangover cure. Whether you’re hungover or not, it’s definitely one of drinks to try in Mexico if you want to truly experience life as a local. Enjoy the perfect michelada on your Nuevo Vallarta vacation at any time of day at everywhere from the more upscale restaurants to the casual eateries along the beach.

Where the authentic michelada originated isn’t exactly clear. One story says that a man named Michel Ésper would drink his beer with lime, salt, and ice at his local sports bar, and eventually, people began to ask for this drink, calling it Michel’s limonada. Another legend, claims that a Mexican general named Augusto Michel would rouse his troops using beer flavored with lime and hot sauce. Perhaps the most likely theory for how this beer cocktail came to be is that it is simply a combination of the words mi chela helada, or my cold beer. No matter how it started, micheladas are one of the authentic drinks to try in Mexico.

So, what is a michelada? Each michelada is unique and often varies by region, and how to make a michelada will depend on your own taste and preference. While you can use a michelada mix or create a michelada with shrimp, you can also play around with flavors to make your perfect version of this popular beer cocktail. To make the simplest, authentic michelada, begin by salting the rim of your glass. Then, combine fresh lime juice and a Mexican beer of your choice, and stir in a tablespoon or two of Tabasco, Maggi, and Worcestershire sauce, which gives you space to play with the flavor. A popular variation, often called a chelada, has a more simple flavor profile. For this beer cocktail, leave out the sauces, and simply combine beer and lime juice in a glass with a salted rim. 

Some of the best micheladas in Nuevo Vallarta are what’s considered a Cielo Rojo, which is a michelada with about a third of a cup of Clamato juice--a combination of concentrated tomato and clam juices with sweetener and spices. This one has the most unique and intense flavors. Another popular version that has been topping the charts for micheladas in Riviera Nayarit is the michelada with shrimp. This heartier version includes the same delicious beverage, but adds a variety of ingredients, including fresh shrimp, cucumbers, jicama, and more, which sit on the top of the glass for snacking. When you return home from your Mexico vacation with your knowledge of how to make a michelada and its unique variations, you can impress your friends by setting up a michelada bar at your next gathering or when they ask “what is a michelada?”

Every bar in Riviera Nayairt will happily make you the perfect michelada on your Nuevo Vallarta vacation, and the best micheladas in Nuevo Vallarta won’t just rely on a premade michelada mix. At Etcetera Beach Club right on the soft sands of Nuevo Vallarta, the bartender will prepare your favorite combination of beer and spices for you to sip between playing in the waves and lounging on the beach. Eddie’s Place in the Nuevo Vallarta marina is the place to go for a delicious seafood dinner with a fresh michelada. For a more casual meal or simply drinks and tapas, Cerveceria Chapultepec is the local’s favorite. There you can enjoy an authentic michelada made with your favorite beer while snacking on a variety of small plates of Mexican food. Or you can find the perfect michelada on your Nuevo Vallarta vacation at your Nuevo Vallarta all inclusive resort. It doesn’t matter where you go, if you ask for micheladas in Riviera Nayarit, you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

After sampling the best micheladas in Nuevo Vallarta, impress your friends back home when they find out you know how to make a michelada. Mix it up with your favorite spices, a simple michelada mix, or serve it as an appetiser when you make a michelada with shrimp as you share stories of your adventures in Nuevo Vallarta.

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