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Nuevo Vallarta Mexican Restaurants

DINING | Published on 11/08/2022
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When visiting the dual-destination of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, you can’t help but notice the delicious cuisine that seems to be served on every street corner around the region. Nuevo Vallarta restaurants are some of the best in Mexico, and if you’re lucky enough to try some of the authentic Mexican food and other delectable offerings at the best places to eat in Nuevo Vallarta, you’ll likely want to return over and over again. From coastal favorites to the most popular Mexican dishes, the following are by far the best restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta if you’re looking for good Mexican food. Try one or all, but beware, you might find yourself eating more than usual and returning often for even more delicious meals.

1. El Patron Restaurant

El Patron is your finest choice if you're looking for a top-notch Nuevo Vallarta Mexican restaurant. El Patron is a Mexican grill restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner while combining modern interpretations of authentic Mexican food with a breathtaking view and dedicated service. They offer a wide range of traditional dishes on their menu, including beef, chicken, and seafood options, as well as a delicious variety of vegetarian dishes. All menu items are prepared with fresh ingredients, flavorful seasoning, and the genuine tastes that have helped put Mexican cuisine on international radar. El Patron Restaurant is undoubtedly your finest option if you're looking for a special meal during your stay in Riviera Nayarit.

2. El Barracuda

El Barracuda is easily considered one of the best places to eat in Nuevo Vallarta. It specializes in scrumptious fish, seafood, and steak meals for lunch or dinner. If you’re looking to enjoy wonderful food at reasonable prices, this casual Nuevo Vallarta Mexican restaurant is your choice. Those who dine here regularly gush over the outstanding service, welcoming atmosphere, and mouthwatering drinks that go with the diverse appetizers and entrees.

3. Maizul

Of all the Nuevo Vallarta restaurants, Maizul is the best example of how authentic Mexican food can encompass more than just tacos and enchiladas, though they do offer both. With 9,330 kilometers of coastline, the country is well-known for its delectable seafood platters, and Maizul brilliantly honors this heritage. If you're not a fan of fresh fish and seafood, they also serve a variety of Mexican dishes featuring pork, chicken, and vegan alternatives. However, those who are rave about its selections of Mahi Mahi, seared tuna, and delicious ceviche so even if you don’t normally indulge in the ocean’s bounty, you might find it worth your while at this Nuevo Vallarta Mexican restaurant.

4. Fajita Republic

Fajitas are a delicious staple among Mexican dishes. They mix incredible seasoning with fresh veggies and your choice of protein for a powerful punch that will leave your mouth watering. While you’ll likely find them at many of the best restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta, no one does it quite like Fajita Republic. Specializing in steak, shrimp, chicken, and veggie fajitas, this Mexican grill restaurant does service to its name. They also offer other typical Mexican dishes, including their famous nachos and burritos, making this one of the Nuevo Vallarta restaurants you should visit on your next trip.

5. The Blue Shrimp

For those looking for the best places to eat in Nuevo Vallarta, the Blue Shrimp is a top contender. With a range of shrimp and other seafood meals, the fine dining restaurant has some of the best cuisine from Banderas Bay and beyond. One of Nuevo Vallarta's top dining establishments, it consistently receives high marks from patrons who like the location, service, and mouthwatering combinations of meat and fish.

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