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10 Mexican Drinks to Try on your Mexico Vacation

DINING | Published on 08/10/2021
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Mexican cuisine is famous around the world, and while you’ve probably heard of tequila and margaritas, there’s nothing like sampling traditional Mexican drinks right where they come from. At Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, the Mexican Experience is the perfect way to delight in a number of these typical drinks, but if you find yourself anywhere else in the country, you can enjoy them just as well. On your next vacation, experience these drinks to try in Mexico, both the familiar and the unknown. As you sip different Mexican cocktails, you just might find your new favorite drink to mix up back at home.

1. Tequila

Tequila is Mexico’s most iconic export, especially since it’s only allowed to be made in one of five Mexican states. There are three main types of tequila: blanco, reposado, and añejo. Each one is aged for a different amount of time in wood barrels. While there are several Mexican cocktails made with tequila, doing a tasting will let you sample each type, and you’ll see that while they’re popular shots in Mexico, the good stuff is even better neat.

2. Mezcal

One of the lesser-known drinks to try in Mexico is mezcal, a cousin to tequila. The key difference in making mezcal is that the agave plants are roasted in earthen pits, giving it a distinctly smoky flavor. Thanks to creative mixologists, mezcal is gaining an international reputation as they make traditional Mexican cocktails with it instead of tequila. You’ll also find several popular shots in Mexico made from mezcal.

3. Raicilla

Raicilla was once considered the moonshine of Mexico, and the best raicilla is found in small towns. However, there’s a growing demand for raicilla to make new drinks to try in Mexico. Like other traditional Mexican drinks, it’s made from agave, and it has the smokiness of mezcal but with fruity notes.

4. Margarita

Of all the Mexican cocktails, there are none so famous as margaritas. When you look at what drinks to order in Mexico, you’ll see all sorts of fruity flavors, but nothing beats the simplicity of a classic margarita. A traditional margarita is made from tequila, orange liquor, and lime juice poured over ice in a glass with a salt rim.

5. Damiana

Damiana is one of the popular shots in Mexico that isn’t as famous outside of the country. This sweet liquor is named after the damiana herb, which is rumored to be an aphrodisiac that’s also believed to treat stomach and headaches.

6. Michelada

Micheladas are popular Mexican drinks that are similar to a Bloody Mary, and they’re considered the best drinks in Mexico to cure hangovers. Each michelada is a unique blend of clamato juice and spices combined with a Mexican beer. If it’s on your list of what drinks to order in Mexico, you’ll be able to choose your own beer to have it prepared with.

7. Rompope

There are some popular Mexican drinks that are special at the holidays, and rompope is a sweet and creamy treat. Similar to eggnog, it’s made from egg yolk, milk, sugar, and either rum or tequila, and it’s cooked for several hours before being cooled to drink.

8. Carajillo

When dinner’s over, savor the evening with a digestif cocktail, and one of the best drinks in Mexico after a delicious dinner is a carajillo. This drink is a simple combination of freshly brewed coffee and Licor 43, a Spanish liquor with vanilla and citrus flavors. As you sip these popular Mexican drinks, you’ll be able to savor the meal and enjoy time with loved ones.

9. Mexican Wine

The best drinks in Mexico also include fine wines. While Mexican bottles aren’t as well-known as Italian and French ones, the Valle de Guadalupe region in Baja California has some up-and-coming vineyards that rival any others.

10. Agua Fresca

While the list of what drinks to order in Mexico include a variety of liquors and cocktails, there are also some very refreshing fruit-flavored waters. Some popular flavors include lime, strawberry, and jamaica, which is made from hibiscus flowers. Most of these waters are sweetened, but when you make these traditional Mexican drinks at home, you can limit how much sugar goes in. 

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