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Unique Encounters in Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit Mexico

DESTINATION | Published on 16/07/2019
Optimizada unique encounters in nuevo vallarta nayarit

The best Nuevo Vallarta attractions and activities add a little wonder and magic into your vacation by bringing you closer to nature and the sea. One of the most incredible things to do in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico is swimming with dolphins and encountering sea lions. With a variety of tour options, this is one of the outdoor activities in Vallarta that’s perfect for kids and just as fun for adults. Adding these unique things to do into your vacation will give you life long memories and inspire you with a greater love for the ocean.


Aquaventuras Park is one of the most well known places for swimming with dolphins in Nuevo Vallarta.  The park, which has been open for over 20 years, has numerous outdoor activities in Vallarta, such as a Dolphin Swim Adventure, a Sea Lion Discovery, and a water park with slides and pools. It is the perfect place to spend the day with friends and family. Not only will you get to create magical moments alongside some of the friendliest marine animals in the world, but you’ll also have a great time slipping and sliding down some of Vallarta’s coolest waterslides. 

Vallarta Adventures is another leader in swimming with dolphins in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, and they offer a variety of tours to fit your budget. In addition to the other Nuevo Vallarta attractions and activities they provide, they have six options for swimming with dolphins, a sea lion encounter, and a special needs program to give everyone the chance to enjoy one of the most incredible things to do in Nuevo Vallarta. On the Dolphin Connection tour, you’ll learn a little dolphin biology before hopping in the pool to meet the slippery smooth dolphins. You’ll also learn how to communicate with them and watch as they perform their jumps and spins over the water. For more time with the animals, the Dolphin Extreme option is one of the best Nuevo Vallarta activities, featuring a deep dive underwater with the dolphins and a speedy ride across the pool propelled by two dolphins. Several of the options are also combined with other Nuevo Vallarta attractions and activities, like a boat ride to a private beach or a sea lion encounter!

Sea lions and seals are so closely related animals that they’re often mixed up. Sea lions are generally larger and bark their friendly greetings all day long. When they’re out of the water, they can walk using their back flippers. In Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, sea lion encounters are one of the most unique things to do, and Aquaventuras and Vallarta Adventures offers a tour just for them and packages that include meeting sea lions with swimming with dolphins.  As you enjoy your outdoor activities in Vallarta with them, you’ll learn more about what makes sea lions unique, and you can pet them and watch them jump in the water before posing for photos to share your experience with your friends and family back home.


Kids will quickly and easily agree to these Nuevo Vallarta activities, but it’s not uncommon to see young children suddenly become nervous and shy when they actually encounter dolphins and sea lions for the first time. To prepare them for these unique things to do, watch some videos of the tours together and practicing swimming underwater in the hotel’s pool. While all the dolphin tours include life jackets for adults and children, there’s a special dolphin tour for kids in a shallow area of the pool, one of the most incredible things to do in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico for them. 

Of all the outdoor activities in Vallarta, swimming with dolphins and sea lions is one of the most awe-inspiring options that will make you fall in love with our world all over again. Watching their graceful dives and getting a kiss from them is one of the unique Nuevo Vallarta activities you can’t resist.


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