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Travel Warning Mexico Vallarta - Nayarit

DESTINATION | Published on 10/01/2020
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With the excitement of booking all-inclusive resorts, scheduling exciting tours, and planning afternoons of lying by the pool, it’s easy to overlook safety warnings and tips. Even though the overwhelming majority of foreign travelers in Mexico experience safe and memorable vacations, reading up on the latest travel warning Mexico Nuevo Vallarta has is just as important as booking spa appointments. Knowing how to do Vallarta travel safely and having a few Nayarit travel tips to help you get around will make you feel more comfortable as you explore the wonders of Riviera Nayarit. 

Official Travel Warnings

Nayarit is 1 of 32 states in Mexico, and as a state, the US Department of State has issued a Vallarta Nayarit travel warning for both government employees and citizens. Because of gang crime, government employees may not travel to the capital city of Tepic or San Blas, both of which are situated more than an hour’s drive from Nuevo Vallarta. So, is it safe to travel to Nuevo Vallarta 2020? These cities with the strongest Vallarta Nayarit travel warning are several hours from the most popular tourist destinations, like Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Punta de Mita, and Sayulita. The travel warning Mexico Nuevo Vallarta has is to be cautious, but there is no restriction for travelers in the Bay of Banderas. The safety of travel to Nuevo Vallarta is high, and when you use common sense and follow Vallarta travel tips, you can enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

Safety Precautions at the Beach

Before hitting the beach, visitors should always read posted signs with rules and warnings, and when it comes to the safety of travel to Nuevo Vallarta, the beach is a spot where you can easily lose items as you splash and play in the waves. While petty theft isn’t common on the beach, it’s never wise to leave personal items and valuables on your towel while you dive under waves. One of the best Nayarit travel tips is to leave valuables in your resort suite or to bury a small hole under your towel to store bags and shoes. As you spend your day in the sun, be sure to apply sunscreen every couple hours and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will make Vallarta travel more enjoyable and help prevent you from feeling ill or fatigued. 

Staying Safe Around Town

Exploring downtown Puerto Vallarta and other areas of the bay make traveling to Riviera Nayarit a popular choice. The tourist areas of the Bay of Banderas have relatively low crime rates. The cities’ economies depend on tourism, so government officials and business owners are invested in maintaining the safety of travel to Nuevo Vallarta. The travel warning Mexico Nuevo Vallarta has is due to the general risk there always is anywhere in Mexico or even for the rest of the world. While many people ask “Is it safe to travel to Nuevo Vallarta 2020?”, the reality is that no where in today’s world is there a place 100% free of crime. As you explore different areas of town, remember to leave valuables in your resort suite and don’t flash a lot of money. If you’re out after dark, always taking an official taxi or Uber is one of the best Nayarit travel tips for safe transportation. Practicing common sense and not drinking to excess when you’re out and about are smart tips for staying safe in a foreign country.

The next time you wonder “Is it safe to travel to Nuevo Vallarta 2020?”, remember that your safety often depends on practicing common sense. Leaving your purse on the beach or walking around with money in your hand is never wise in a big city. However, when you keep the Vallarta Nayarit travel warning in mind, you can enjoy a worry-free vacation filled with warm sunshine and delicious Mexican seafood.

Check Travel Advisory Update on September 8, 2020, due to COVID-19, where Mexico as a whole was recently downgraded from a Level 4 advisory to a Level 3

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