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The Perfect Three Day Weekend in Nuevo Vallarta

DESTINATION | Published on 10/11/2020
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The best weekend vacations combine both exciting activities and relaxing moments for a chance to recharge, and with Nuevo Vallarta’s close proximity to the US and its international airport, Nuevo Vallarta vacations let you spend your days at the beach even when you only have three days to spend in town. Rather than spending hours in airports and catching long flights, you’ll be on the beach quicker, giving you more time to discover this tropical destination. If you’re looking for weekend vacation ideas, let this Nuevo Vallarta travel guide inspire you to pack your bags and escape for three days in paradise.

Day One: A Day at the Beach

When your plane lands, one of the first things to do in Nuevo Vallarta is head to the beach and dip your toes in the water. After checking into your hotel, change into your swimsuit, and head down to the beach. The beaches in Nuevo Vallarta are wide and sandy, stretching on for miles, and starting your Nuevo Vallarta vacations on the beach get you in vacation mode. Some of the best Nuevo Vallarta activities at the beach include paddleboarding, kayaking, playing volleyball, and simply strolling along the coast. Afterwards, one of the next weekend vacation ideas you’ll probably think of is a meal of fresh seafood and authentic Mexican cuisine. As you browse a Nuevo Vallarta travel guide, you’ll see mouthwatering dishes at La Casona and La Parrilla, and sitting down to a leisurely dinner and watching the sunset are the best family vacation ideas for spending quality time together.

Day Two: Explore the Mountains

Day two of your three-day adventure gets you out and about. After a hearty meal of fresh produce and Mexican breakfast foods, like chilaquiles and huevos rancheros, head to the mountain jungles to explore another side of the city. Some of the top things to do in Nuevo Vallarta are ziplining, ATVing, and visiting mountain villages, and each of these Nuevo Vallarta activities will show you more of what makes Mexico’s west coast such an incredible destination. After spending your day in the mountains, you’ll want to kick back and relax, so it’s time to jump in the pool and cool off at your resort. One of the best weekend vacation ideas to pamper yourself is a day at the spa, and in a Nuevo Vallarta travel guide, you’ll find some of the best, spas where traditional healing techniques are integrated into modern wellbeing practices. Finish your day off with another leisurely meal at sunset before letting the sound of the crashing waves lull you to sleep.

Day Three: Under the Sea

The best weekend vacations in Nuevo Vallarta include a day at sea or even under the surface of the water. Snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving are some of the most popular things to do in Nuevo Vallarta, and during Nuevo Vallarta vacations in the winter, you may even see whales breaching the surface of the sea. These Nuevo Vallarta activities combine both the excitement of diving into the water with the relaxation of sailing across the sea. Afterwards, one of the best family vacation ideas is to take a bike ride or evening stroll down the Nuevo Vallarta bike path, a stretch of sidewalk lined with tropical plants and palm trees that leads to local ice cream shops.

The best weekend vacations are in Nuevo Vallarta, a coastal city with luxury resorts, exciting tours, and laid-back vacation vibes. As you spend your days exploring the mountains and the ocean, you’ll be able to feel your body and mind relax, and all of these unique activities are some of the best family vacation ideas, but no matter how you spend your days, it’s taking the opportunity to get away and be together that makes a quick vacation to Nuevo Vallarta so memorable.

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