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Getting Around Nuevo Vallarta Mexico

DESTINATION | Published on 07/06/2019
Optimizada como moverte en nuevo vallarta

Public transportation in Nuevo Vallarta allows you to explore the hidden gems and secluded beaches of Riviera Nayarit quickly and cheaply. Whether you’re hiring transportation from Puerto Vallarta Airport to Nuevo Vallarta or figuring out how to get to Sayulita from Nuevo Vallarta, there are multiple options to choose from, ranging in price and speed. Use this guide to the Nuevo Vallarta bus route, taxis, and car rentals, and discover the beauty of Mexico that surrounds you.

Once you know the Nuevo Vallarta bus route, the doors are open to heading into downtown Puerto Vallarta or all the way to the surfing town of Sayulita. The busses that run along the coast from Puerto Vallarta to Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias are the white ATM busses, and the ones to Sayulita are green Compostela busses. The front of each one lists its Nuevo Vallarta bus route, the final destination at the top and the main stop listed below. To hop on, head to the main highway and flag down the one going in your direction. The bus driver will give you the price, ranging from 15-30 pesos, so make sure you have the local currency when taking public transportation in Nuevo Vallarta. When it’s time to hop off, simply walk to the front and tell the driver or shout “baja” from your seat.

The busses are the cheapest option for transportation from Puerto Vallarta Airport to Nuevo Vallarta. The bus stop at the airport is a short walk past arrivals and over the pedestrian bridge. There, you will want to flag down the bus that says “Nuevo Vallarta,” and you can always ask the driver if you’re unsure if the bus will pass your hotel. If you use this transportation from Puerto Vallarta Airport to Nuevo Vallarta, make sure you have some pesos handy, and while the ride will be a little longer than the taxi, it’s a much cheaper option.

Taxis in Nuevo Vallarta are convenient, clean, and very affordable. Most of the major resorts in Nuevo Vallarta will have a taxi stand in front, making it quick to hit the road and head out on an adventure. Before you get on your way though, let the driver know where you’re going and he’ll give you the set rate. While many drivers will accept US dollars, using pesos is the best way to travel.

If you’re planning on take day trips around Riviera Nayarit or are traveling with a family of more than four people, a Nuevo Vallarta car rental gives you the freedom and space you’ll need. Even if you don’t make a reservation in advance, you can find a Nuevo Vallarta car rental right outside the airport where you can choose from companies you’re familiar with like Avis and Hertz or Latin American companies like Dollar and Mex Rent A Car. Using a phone GPS simplifies navigating the busy streets, and attendants will fill your Nuevo Vallarta car rental up at gas stations for you.

For many visitors to the town, Uber is the cheapest and most convenient option for getting quickly where you need to go, with pick-ups directly at your location and credit card payment options. If you already use the app in the states, you’re ready to go, but if you haven’t, it’s easy to set up an account and secure for linking with a credit card.

If you are sticking around Nuevo Vallarta and simply want to get around the residential neighborhoods or from your resort to the plaza, you may consider taking a Lime Electric Scooter. Lime scooters are a fun, simple way to go small distances. While not great for traveling with small children, you can get where you need to go within Nuevo Vallarta by downloading the app and accessing a scooter with your phone.

There are several options for public transportation in Nuevo Vallarta that put getting around town and exploring Riviera Nayarit right at your fingertips. Whether you learn the Nuevo Vallarta bus route or simply type in your destination in Uber, you’ll be ready to chase adventures and embrace local Mexican culture

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