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Flamingos Beach in Nuevo Vallarta

DESTINATION | Published on 02/01/2019
Optimizada flamingos beach in nuevo vallarta

Along the golden coasts of Mexico, the warm sand of Flamingos Beach in Nuevo Vallarta lines the Bay of Banderas, providing a stunning home for marine life and a tranquil spot for family and friends to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment. Of all the beaches in Nuevo Vallarta, this is one that locals and visitors return to again and again, from sunrise to sunset. Whether you’re looking to start your day with an energetic walk on the beach or seeking a spot to watch the sunset while sipping a glass of wine, this is the place to go.

In front of some of the most popular and luxurious all-inclusive resorts, Flamingos Beach in Nuevo Vallarta stretches on into the horizon for eight miles, making it the longest beach in the Bay of Banderas. Without rocky jetties or privately-owned sections, this is one of the best Nuevo Vallarta beaches for spreading out and escaping the crowds. Whether you are staying in one of the resorts along Flamingos Beach or drive here for the day, you’ll be able to pick a spot to pop up an umbrella without fighting anyone for the best view of the sea, giving you plenty of space for throwing a frisbee and plenty of quiet for reading a book. No matter how you want to spend your day, you can find your own section of paradise along these eight miles of smooth sand.

The smooth surf of Flamingos Beach in Nuevo Vallarta is free of dangerous riptides and fierce waves, which is ideal for trying a variety of watersports. Without purchasing or renting any equipment, you can enjoy open-water swimming and bodysurfing in the gentle waves. For more options, pick up a boogie board or snorkel set at a nearby souvenir shop or at your all inclusive resort so that you can enjoy endless amounts of sea play on your own time. In front of major resorts, you can also rent kayaks, paddleboards, or jet skis to get out on the tranquil sea where you can take in a full view of the city. There are also boats along the shore that will take you flying over the water with parasailing or a speedy banana boat ride. Near some of the resorts in the Flamingos area, you can also find an activity rental shop for more watersports adventures. However you choose to spend your beach day, Flamingos Beach is one of the best Nuevo Vallarta beaches for safe surf, and without crowds, you don’t have to worry about crashing into others or getting lost.

The calm waters here also provide the perfect haven for sea turtles. While mother turtles will build their nests and lay their eggs all along the beaches in Nuevo Vallarta, turtle protection groups and resorts will relocate nests to a safe location so that they can hatch undisturbed by humans and protected from predators. In front of the Del Canto condo complex is a turtle reservation that is fenced off. If eggs have hatched and baby turtles are ready to make their way to the sea, the government-run group will post an announcement along the fence, inviting volunteers to aid in the sea turtle release at dusk. While volunteering and releasing a baby sea turtle into the ocean is free and open to all, donations are encouraged to support the ongoing marine conservation on the Nuevo Vallarta beaches.

The beaches in Nuevo Vallarta are the best in the bay for their endless miles of sand and gentle waters, making them the perfect spot for both humans and marine life to enjoy the sunshine and sea. For a day of relaxing or playing at the beach, head to Flamingos Beach where you’ll find plenty of space to enjoy your own piece of paradise.

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