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Fall Vacation in Nuevo Vallarta: Weather, Things to do and What to Pack

DESTINATION | Published on 15/09/2022
Optimizada autumn beach vacation

If you’re dreaming about a getaway to warm and sunny paradise this fall vacation, look no further than Mexico’s magical beaches in Nuevo Vallarta. Fall travelers to Nayarit’s coast will find sublime temperatures and clear turquoise waters that make Nuevo Vallarta an ideal spot for the best fall beach vacations.

Whether you want to partake in marine activities such as snorkeling, surfing, or sailing or just relax and read a compelling book on the beach, planning an autumn escape to Nuevo Vallarta will secure moments of leisure and relaxation this fall vacation. Read on to learn more about Nuevo Vallarta weather, things to do in Nuevo Vallarta, and what to pack for beach vacation.

Nuevo Vallarta Weather

While one usually associates fall with sweaters and scarves, the fading of foliage, and cozy campfires, the easing of summer heat marks the welcome return of idyllic fall weather in Nuevo Vallarta. With consistently hot days and balmy nights, the ease of outdoor activities is an obvious benefit of the Nuevo Vallarta weather in the fall.

Throughout all fall months in Nuevo Vallarta, you can rely on average daily temperatures rarely reaching above 32° C or falling below 21° C. Just on the tail end of summer, September is still considered a part of the rainy season and forecasts will often project rain or scattered thunderstorms throughout the month.

October, nevertheless, heralds the beginning of Nuevo Vallarta’s dry season, and rainfall drops dramatically to about five rainy days throughout the month. The best month for Nuevo Vallarta weather is November, with an average of one day of rain.

Things to do in Nuevo Vallarta

From celebrating some of Mexico’s most traditional and colorfulholidays to enjoying internationally famous gastronomical experiences, there is no shortage of things to do in Nuevo Vallarta. In addition to the myriad outdoor adventures you can embark on such as scuba diving, ziplining, or ATV riding, Nuevo Vallarta is host to some of Nayarit’s most esteemed fall events.

The Festival Gourmet International lasts from November 10th to the 22nd, 2022 and extends from Riviera Nayarit, where Nuevo Vallarta is located, all the way to Tepic and Puerto Vallarta. The festival includes over 60 participating chefs and 30 restaurants which offer an eclectic array of culinary events that feature the finest gourmet Mexican food and drink. Another of Nayarit’s most anticipated fall events is the Bucerias Art Walk, which will begin on November 4th and continue to be held weekly on Thursdays from then onward.

Fall is also the time of year for some of Mexico’s most important cultural holidays. Mexican Independence Day is September 16th, and you will experience a splendid display of patriotic festivities throughout every corner of Mexico.

Just a few weeks later on November 1st and 2nd is one of Mexico’s most iconic holidays, Dia de Muertos, in which you will find many traditional celebrations honoring the dead ancestors of the living.

What to pack for beach vacation

Because Nuevo Vallarta offers Mexico’s best fall beach vacations, it’s important that you are well prepared to enjoy every moment of your trip. What to pack for beach vacation will depend on what type of activities you want to undertake.

At the minimum, bring your favorite swimwear for leisurely dips in the pool or sea. With the hot fall weather you’ll want to enjoy immersing yourself in cool water every day. But if you want to participate in more sporty activities such as surfing or scuba diving, you will want to make sure you also have sports-style swimsuits with thicker bands.

It is also recommended to bring sun and UV protective clothing for the water such as a rashguard and a surf hat. And make sure your SPF 50+ sunscreen is waterproof before adding it to your luggage.

Most hotels will offer you a beach towel that you need to return, but you might want to bring a towel of your own in case you want to visit another beach town such as Sayulita or San Pancho. Pool and beach toys such as floaties are readily available at affordable prices around most beaches or at most touristic stores. Lastly, don’t forget your favorite sundress or aloha shirt and your camera of choice for some memorable snapshots of your fall vacation.

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