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Babymoon Ideas in Riviera Nayarit

DESTINATION | Published on 11/09/2019
Optimizada babymoon vacations

One of this year’s growing travel trends is babymoon vacations, trips for couples to explore the world and relax before having a new baby. Whether it’s your first kid or third, babymoon trips are the perfect chance to take advantage of a little freedom before your due date. Every mother is different, and some prefer choosing babymoon destinations in their home state. With the increase in direct international flights and growth in medical services in foreign countries, more parents are choosing babymoon destinations in Mexico, like Riviera Nayarit. Before booking babymoon trips, these tips will help you know what to expect.

Check Travel Restrictions

The most important things to check before jetting off to babymoon destinations are travel restrictions for pregnancies. While your doctor will likely approve you to fly up to 36 weeks, airlines and cruise lines have other restrictions and policies which may require you to have a note from your doctor before traveling to the best places for babymoon vacations.

Notify your Doctor

While this may seem like one of the most obvious babymoon ideas, it’s important to go over your travel itinerary with your doctor. They can help you plan out any vaccinations you need and give specific advice about when you should be traveling. 

Check out Local Medical Facilities

As you research the best beach babymoon destinations in Mexico, read up on area hospitals and clinics. Should you feel uncomfortable during your stay, knowing where to go and what to do will alleviate stress from babymoon trips. In Riviera Nayarit, there are modern, advanced hospitals with OBGYNs on staff, making it one of the best places for babymoon getaways.

Elevate your Feet

Swollen ankles during pregnancy are bad enough, but traveling to babymoon destinations in Mexico can increase this. The pressure changes from flying, dehydration from the heat, and the exhaustion from walking can limit your blood circulation. Every day, it’s important to elevate your feet.

Treat Yourself

Babymoon vacations are a chance to splurge a little on yourself. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage or yoga class. Dine on the rich foods your body’s been craving. Sleep in and order room service. These are essential babymoon ideas because after giving birth, you’ll find less time to pamper yourself.

Do What You Want

In the best beach babymoon destinations, there are millions of things to do: food tours, dolphin encounters, village excursions. However, you may just want to lay in bed and relax. Giving yourself permission to slow down and rest before your baby arrives instead of rushing around is one of the key babymoon ideas to follow.

Pack Comfy Clothes and Shoes

While you may want to pack strappy sandals and flirty dresses, you’ll end up wanting your comfy clothes and sturdy walking shoes even when you’re in one of the best beach babymoon destinations. Packing wisely and lightly will make traveling while pregnant easier.

Enjoy Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit is one of the best places for babymoon vacations for several reasons. It’s a serene and quiet shoreline, away from congested traffic and obnoxiously loud bars. Here, you can spend the afternoon in the spa or by the pool before enjoying an intimate dinner at sunset. Flamingos Beach, located in Nuevo Vallarta, is the perfect place to take a dip in the ocean too. The shallow, calm water will allow you to refresh with ease whenever you’d like. As you look out over the ocean, you’ll be thankful for the romantic and relaxing moments of bliss before your baby comes.

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