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All You Need to Know Before Traveling to Nuevo Vallarta

DESTINATION | Published on 18/06/2020
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Nuevo Vallarta Mexico is a tranquil coastal destination, perfect for everything from romantic getaways to family summer vacations. With endless miles of sandy beaches, it’s the perfect place to kick back or discover a little adventure. No matter what brings you here, the natural beauty of the sea and the variety of things to do in Nuevo Vallarta will make you want to stay.

Flying into the Nuevo Vallarta Airport

One reason why this is such a popular destination is the ease of traveling to the Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta airport. After a 20 minute ride from the Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz [Code: PVR] International Airport, you can reach the major Nuevo Vallarta resorts, and with direct flights from across North America to the Nuevo Vallarta airport, you can spend more time lounging on the beach and less time waiting for connecting flights.

Planning for Nuevo Vallarta Weather

The sun is glittering on the ocean waves all year long in Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit Mexico, but there are some variations in the different seasons here. Like most places, the Nuevo Vallarta weather is at its hottest in the summer, making a dip in the ocean or pool even more refreshing. The warm water temperatures also make it the best time for snorkeling and scuba diving, two of the best things to do in Nuevo Vallarta if you love exploring the sea. Late summer and early fall bring afternoon showers to the coast, but the rainfall generally happens at the same time each day, making it easy to schedule your outdoor activities around the rain. The Nuevo Vallarta weather is mild in the winter, and while the sun heats things up in the afternoons, the mornings and evening are calm and cool. Knowing how is Nuevo Vallarta weather throughout the year will help you plan your perfect vacation.

Staying at a Nuevo Vallarta Resort

The beachside Nuevo Vallarta resorts are spacious and luxurious, but with their warm hospitality, you’ll feel at home in your sumptuous suite. Because of their extensive facilities and on-site activities, you can tailor your stay for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. With an all-inclusive package, you’ll be treated to some of the top Nuevo Vallarta restaurants at every meal. To find deals on Nuevo Vallarta resorts, check out their websites to find out about upcoming sales and vacation packages.

How is Nuevo Vallarta for Families?

Many parents ask, “how is Nuevo Vallarta for families?” With Kids’ Clubs, on-site games, and one of the calmest surfs in the region, kids will feel like VIPs at your Nuevo Vallarta resorts. Let loose during family-friendly activities with the entertainment staff, or splash around on the Nuevo Vallarta beach. 

Staying Safe in Nuevo Vallarta

It’s not uncommon to hear about violence and danger in Mexico, so many travelers’ first concern is how is Nuevo Vallarta when it comes to safety. Because the city’s economy is based on tourism, business leaders, city officials, and local citizens are invested in Nuevo Vallarta safety. However, like in any other city, you should use common sense when out and about. Some of the main Nuevo Vallarta safety tips to follow are to leave valuables locked in your suite, always take an official taxi or Uber for transportation at night, and stay hydrated and healthy. When dipping into the water, don’t leave valuables unattended on the Nuevo Vallarta beach. Practicing common sense and following these Nuevo Vallarta safety tips will make your vacation worry free and relaxing.

Discovering Adventures in Nuevo Vallarta

There’s always new things to do in Nuevo Vallarta that will make each day an adventure. Spend your day splashing in the waves and building sandcastles on the Nuevo Vallarta beach, or head out to sea to snorkel and kayak. Take a ride on the wild side by ATVing over rugged trails or ziplining over the jungle’s canopy. For a day trip, visit the charming surfing villages to the north. At the end of your adventures, there’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into sizzling tacos or flavorful enchiladas at Nuevo Vallarta restaurants.

Endless miles of sandy shoreline, exciting jungle adventures, and tasty Nuevo Vallarta restaurants are waiting for you on Mexico’s golden coast. Set your sights on Nuevo Vallarta, and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.

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